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10 Websites on Which You Can Hire Freelance Writers

It’s crucial that you find the perfect candidate to produce the type of content you need. Luckily, there are myriad websites on which you can find freelance writers for hire.


For years, businesses have struggled with the quality vs. cost-efficiency dilemma. Of course, a business would want to produce quality content while minimizing costs as much as possible. Nowadays, more and more companies are hiring freelance writers to optimize both quality and expenditure.

When it comes to writing in particular, no matter the genre, there’s a wide pool of experienced freelancers out there. Brands and businesses are striving for quality content and writers are freelancing for flexibility and extra income. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

From the business’s perspective, it’s crucial to find the perfect candidate to be able to produce the kind of content that will drive up search results and convert purusers into customers. Luckily, there are myriad websites where you can find freelance writers for hire.

#1 Freelancer

If you need any kind of work done, Freelancer has your back covered! Writers, editors, programmers, and more–Freelancer has it all. All you need to do is provide a brief of your project, what you’re looking for, and, if available, references, and voila! Writers will start bidding on your project and you get to choose the most suitable candidate(s) for the job. You can check out any candidate’s previous work samples to help you decide. Also, there’s a live chat option for you to discuss things with the writer in advance.

#2 Upwork

Another pool of freelancers is none other than Upwork, offering you a variety of freelancers from different levels of expertise. The global platform has something for everyone; it houses both long-term and short-term projects. Additionally, you can pay hired freelance writers per hour or per project.

#3 Writer Access

For agencies and businesses looking for talented writers, Writer Access has over 15,000 freelance writers ready for hiring. Other than writers, you can also hire strategists, editors, or translators. Writer Access deals with multiple types of written content, from blogs and articles to tech papers and social media posts.

#4 Constant Content

Whether you have an SMB, an agency, or an enterprise, Constant Content has just what you’re looking for. Constant Content’s team, which consists of more than 100,000 professional writers, offers high-quality, SEO-optimized work.

#5 Guru

Content creation has never been easier, thanks to Guru’s built-in project manager app. There, you can contact freelancers directly, define tasks and goals, and share relevant documents.

#6 Contently

This one’s for large enterprises, and is undoubtedly a leading platform in the field. Businesses with high budgets can benefit from the wide network of freelancers and the customized service offered. Everything on the platform is tailored to suit the needs of the client.

#7 PeoplePerHour

This is a very affordable option for quality content, because, as the name suggests, people get paid by hour. Check and compare reviews, benefit from the fixed price offers, and get the job done.

#8 fiverr

On fiverr, you can find almost any service that would cross your mind. That being said, it goes without saying that thanks to high competition there’s a wide range of price options. 

#9 LinkedIn

The employment-oriented social media platform might not be the obvious option, but why not? Trust us, LinkedIn will surprise you with what you can find on it. There’s a  feature that enables you to post jobs that candidates can apply to. Not just that, but with a simple, public status update and with relevant hashtags, more candidates will find you. 

#10 Ureed

Last but not least, Ureed is another perfect platform where you can find what you’re looking for. An added benefit? The website is dedicated to more than just writers. So, if you’re looking for copywriters, editors, translators–you name it–you’ll find it here. Another competitive edge is that Ureed operates in the Middle East, meaning that the majority of writers are based in the Arab world. So, if you’re looking for Arabic speaking writers or ones who are quite familiar with the region, Ureed is your go-to website.

That takes us to the next step: how do you choose the best candidate? Based on your own criteria, as well as your budget, you’ll be able to answer this question. The platforms mentioned above are all options, each serving different needs, yet there are many additional options at your disposal. 

Where can I hire freelance writers?

There are plenty of websites and online platforms that offer freelance, and writing services. Those include Ureed, Upwork, Freelancer.com, PeoplePerHour, and Contently.

How are freelance writers paid?

A freelance writer’s rate depends on his/her level of expertise. Most writers get paid around USD 0.17 per word. However, the most experienced ones can make up to four times as much as the average pay per word.

Can you hire someone to write a book for you?

Yes, you can hire a ghostwriter. If you have an idea or concept for a book but you don’t have the ability, skills, knowledge, or time to write it, you can simply pay a ghostwriter to write it for you without getting his/her name on it.

How much does scripted pay writers?

That varies according to the topic being written about, the word count, and the amount of effort needed to write the piece. However, on Scripted, a writer could expect to be paid up to USD 20 per article.