6 Reasons Why Your Marketing Emails Might Not Be Converting

6 Reasons Why Your Marketing Emails Might Not Be Converting
Email marketing strategies can be tricky. If your conversion rates aren’t satisfying, read this guide for what not do when sending out marketing emails.

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Anticipating email marketing conversions can be a tiresome job, simply because predicting the email recipient’s response to the email is practically impossible. You can of course optimize your email marketing strategies by following relevant guidelines, but if you’re emails aren’t converting, then there’s probably something that you’re doing wrong. Read below for some common mistakes that email marketers tend to make…

Your emails just lack that ‘wow’ factor

This may sound very generic, but the truth is if you aren’t experiencing any conversions via email marketing, then that means that people are either not impressed by your copy or are not opening the email at all.

Take time to review your subject lines and the content your sending in emails. It needs to be concise, catchy and personalized to an extent for it to stand out among a hundred other emails in someone’s inbox.

You’re not sticking to the subject

When a recipient opens an email after reading the subject line, they look for content that is specifically related to the subject line in the email. Don’t make false promises in the subject line or the reader will feel disappointed and will likely never open your emails again. Hone in on specific subjects – even if they’re not a lot – and make the most out of them.

Your emails might be a tad overwhelming

Emails that are high on visual design – also known as visual noise – tend to be a email killer too. Given that nowadays most people access their email on their mobile phones, or devices with a small screen, too much clutter tends to overwhelm the recipient. The excessive designs and call-to-action options can translate badly on small screens and become off-putting. Responsive design is great, but not for a crowded design and definitely not for a crowded email either.

You’re including too many choices

Many marketers already know this – too many choices results in no choices at all. Surprisingly not many still follow this ideal. Having too much to sift through confuses the recipient, and it just takes longer to go through all of it. This is how you lose conversions

For instance, Kickstarter has a lot going on at any given point. But the email they send out includes a very limited number of CTAs, one heading, and one major visual. It takes hardly any time to process that information, and increases likelihood for conversions.

You might not be directing people properly

When it comes to sending emails in the form of visual newsletters, one important thing to consider is the clarity and the path through which the actual message is delivered. This not only means that the call-to-action needs to be clearly visible, but it also means that your content has to be designed in such a way that effectively directs people to it. Write clear, concise copy and create clear designs that will guide your reader to the exact place you want them.

What’s in it for the recipient?

As recipients, the first thing we evaluate is what the message is, what we are getting out of it, and most importantly, why we should even care.

As marketers, all we do is promote our own products and services. What we sometimes fail to do is put ourselves in the customer’s seat and assess what they would actually want out of the whole process. As a result, most recipients of marketing emails probably turn away as there’s nothing in it for them. You need to give a little.

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