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5 Online Brands Doing It Right


With thousands upon thousands of brands trying to reach an audience on a daily basis, how do you choose the one that really speaks to you? Is it based on their products? The tone of voice they use and their overall branding? Their product descriptions? Is it their look? Or, is it based solely on your needs?

With new marketing techniques getting updated almost daily, brands have an advanced reach with their audience. They’ve infiltrated the digital world through display advertising, social media, SEO product descriptions, television ads, print ads, even our clothing can sometimes make us feel like a walking billboard.

Although advertising has become so ubiquitous, there are plenty of reasons to believe it has become more personalized. You can start to develop a sort of relationship with your favorite brand through their social media accounts, and email marketing lists. You’ll start to find out more about the products you love, have access to directly communicate with your favorite brand, get the latest news and benefit from being the first to find out about a sale.

Developing a relationship with your absolute favorite brand could actually become beneficial. It’ll help you shop smarter, save more, and learn more about company culture.

Here are 5 online brands that are really doing it right:

1. Reformation

Reformation’s business model is centered around sustainability. They realize that fashion is the third most polluting industry around the world, and they are trying to change that. They design beautiful garments styled around the silhouette of a woman, but only source the most natural fabrics and materials. On their website, you can meet the people who make your clothes, and where they’re based, so you know that their garment factories create safe working conditions. Their every action from design, to creation, to packaging, are environmentally friendly, and sustainable. They use a tone of voice that is perfect for their audience, their e-mails are ones you actually look forward to receiving, and their human persona is relatable, and friendly.

2. Sakara

Sakara is a wellness company advocating for a healthy lifestyle, and developing good eating habits that will actually last. They use a tone of voice that is natural, and clean yet professional and has strength to it. Their website is sleek, and they follow all the necessary steps of creating a successful e-commerce business. Their photography is alluring, their website is constantly updated, and their information is snackable and easy to digest. They use professional product description writing, as e-commerce product descriptions can be the turning point for creating a loyal following.

3. Amazon

Most people are familiar with Amazon, it is an online shop that sells almost anything your heart desires. They first started out as an online bookstore, but quickly developed into one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies. They’re innovative and are constantly coming up with new ways to enhance their offerings, their customer service is top notch, and they merge design with content. Offering a wide range of products beckons you to find the right product description writer. It is one of the main principles for a successful e-commerce business. Writing product descriptions – and I cannot stress this enough, is truly a make it or break it for an online brand. Amazon operates in a way that sets the ground rules for what’s to come in the future, and if you want to learn from one the best, check out their page to learn how to write product descriptions.

4. Airbnb

If you look at marketing techniques for most travel brands, they feel a little out of reach and pushy, displaying pictures of beautiful destinations and demanding you to ‘Book Now’. However, Airbnb plays it a little differently, they’re more realistic and make travel feel possible for anyone. Their Instagram account is more about engagement and building relationships with their followers. People often share their own travel experiences with Airbnb on their page, and it opts for an approachable familiarity with the brand.

5. S’well

trendy water bottles, and have linked their brand with nonprofits that support causes they know their customers are passionate about. Their website is informative and easy to navigate, and their Instagram boasts beautiful imagery. S’well bottles have been able to stand out in a crowded market because of what they stand for, how they’ve connected with their customers, and the identity they’ve created for themselves.