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A day in the life of a writer

It really takes more than just a pen and paper to get going.


Each writer follows a different routine or ritual to get their writing flow going. But let’s be real, all of us writers out there have one thing in common, we have a ritual, and we tend to suffer from writer’s block from time to time.

Here are a few things that make up the life of a writer on a daily basis.

1. Good coffee is how most of us start our day. We need the things that gives us the energy boost or wakeup call we need to start our day.

Personally, I’m not a coffee fan, so I choose to eat an apple and maybe have a cup of tea to start off my mornings—this gives me the energy boost I need to start off my full day of writing. You may choose whatever you want to refresh yourself early in the morning, but it better be something healthy.

2. A sense of pace:

As writers, whether full-time of freelance creative writers, we always have to pace ourselves with our writing. We can’t have a day where we write for 6 hours straight, and then the next day, we’re blocked and have nothing to write or no will to write at all. News flash, some writing has to be done.

Instead of doing that, write for 3 hours a day then stop, and do it again the next day. This creates a routine and a sense of pace that the writing mind can get used to.

3. Knowing when to stop.

It may sound reckless; because we all know when a writing flow starts sometimes we can’t stop. But we have to. Why? So we can pick up easily the next day! Preferably stop at a mid-paragraph or mid-sentence. This way, waking up gets easier because you know you have to be more productive to finish the task.

Here’s the secret: our brains hate leaving a sentence unfinished, so as you sleep, your mind secretly finished that sentence, and probably mapped it out already. You wake up; you feel good and finish it right away then continue with your progress!

4. Set blocks of undisturbed time.

Always set aside a few hours whether its morning, night, evening or afternoon with no interruptions or distractions! Whichever time works for you.

Preferably do this 3 hours a day, 7 times a week!

5. Physical Pastime/Hobby

Make sure you have a physical pastime or hobby; whether its yoga, kickboxing, tennis, basketball, or running. Morning, evening, whichever time you prefer, just make sure you workout daily even if it’s just walking outside for half an hour. You need to get out, and refresh your mind and body! Being a copywriter does not mean gluing yourself to a screen the whole time, give your body the necessities it needs.

6. Have a zone or space

Set a place at home, where you can fully get into your writing zone; no interruptions where you can sit for a few hours and just write!

This space can change, we can’t sit at home all the time, and maybe you could go to a coffee shop once in a while. This is done by freelance writers the most, mainly ones who know how to operate efficiently to meet deadlines.

Every writer experiences writer’s block, it’s unavoidable. The way to reduce its occurrence is to make these things a routine; this way your mind creates a writing routine for itself.

You don’t want writer’s block when you have deadlines to attend to, especially if you are a blog content provider for example!