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How to Write on Twitter: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

There are some important tips to writing on Twitter, such as being concise and using a friendly tone. This blog contains advice for writing an impressive tweet.


According to the most recent statistics, there are 330 million monthly active users on Twitter. This means that with 280 characters, you can market your business to a large audience. Writing on Twitter affords you the opportunity to capture your customers’ attention and increase your impact. If you’re trying to take your Twitter marketing and branding game to the next level, read our simple guide for writing on Twitter.

Why entrepreneurs should use Twitter?

Twitter is a great platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs, as it offers users a means to influence new customers and engage with them. Followers can support your brand with their feedback and retweets.

You can use it to learn what your customers do and don’t like about your company, what new features they desire, what kind of products they’d be interested in, etc.

Moreover, being on Twitter will allow you to keep an eye on your competitors and their techniques. Therefore, you need to know how to write the best tweets to boost your brand on Twitter.

How to write on Twitter:

There isn’t a specific number of tweets you need to post on a daily basis. However, you do need to devise a detailed strategy for tweeting.

Be concise

As you probably know, there are only 280 characters allowed per tweet. As such, you need to craft a concise message that still contains adequate information. Every tweet should include no more than one idea, and it must be interesting. If you need higher reach rates, write your message with 100 characters to earn 17% more engagement.

Talk to customers in a friendly tone

Although you can use Twitter for business purposes, communications on Twitter are quite intimate. Accordingly, when you write to your audience, use a friendly and simple tone.

If you don’t know how to do that, imagine your tweets as a conversation with your best friend. There is almost never a reason to use the third person.

This tip will help your clients to feel that the message was designed especially for them and encourage them to interact with your brand’s account.

Use visual elements

Attaching images, videos, and GIFs can increase engagement with the tweet. People are three times more likely to retweet and engage with your content if you add visual items. In a study conducted by Buffer blog in 2013, researchers found that tweets that contained images or visuals gained 150 percent more shares.

The art of asking

Asking customers questions about your services or trending issues is an efficient way to boost engagement. People will communicate with you to express their opinions or make suggestions about your company and products. You can also use polls if you need certain data.

Include hashtags

Using relevant and trending hashtags is an excellent technique to increase reach on Twitter. You can insert one or two hashtags that are suitable for your small blog. Additionally, use keywords about important events or trends, like popular matches, to craft engaging content. Otherwise, don’t include any hashtags if you need to incorporate your website URL in the tweets.

Ask for retweets

Don’t be shy! One study suggests that incorporating the word “retweet” in your posts can result in 23x higher reaches for your post! Statistics showed that when you ask for retweets, you will get 12x higher reaches than if you don’t, and 23x higher engagements if you include the word “retweet” itself.

Attach links

Twitter is a fabulous tool to grab customer attention to your website and company. Add relevant links from your company website to your tweets so people can access it easily. Besides, posts that contain links will help you get 86% more retweets.

Use powerful words

When you write content for Twitter, you should keep in mind two things. The first is to write with your company voice and identity. The second is to use powerful words that boost your reach.

Strong words include action verbs such as “transform,” “accomplish,” “impress,” “stun,” etc. Also, it’s a good idea to use superlatives, like “the best” and “the most.” “How to” content is appealing to readers too.

Time things well

What is the optimal time to be active on Twitter? It depends–there’s no single Twitter “golden hour” that suits every product and audience. If you target normal customers, weekends are the best option.

But if you communicate with other businesses or brands, then weekdays are the right choice. With this in mind, the most effective time to publish your tweets during the day is between 8 am and 7 pm. You can get the greatest interaction rates between 5 pm to 6 pm.


To develop a good reputation for your brand, use Twitter as a compelling marketing tool. The aforementioned tips serve as a guideline for writing catchy and engaging content. Of course, remember to practice frequently to reap the benefits!

How do I write a tweet?

You go to www.twitter.com, then sign up if you don’t have an account or log in if you do. On your feed, and at the top of your screen, you’ll find a bar labelled “what’s happening”. Click on that and start typing to write a tweet.

How do I write my first tweet?

As a business owner or brand, for your first tweet, you’d like to introduce yourself and your offering. Be informative and provide valuable details, and maybe mention details on how to reach out as well.

How do writers use twitter?

Some writers sometimes use Twitter to promote their work. They fill out their profile and include their website in their bios. Writers also share snippets of their writing skills through tweets while connecting with other writers and people in the same industry.

How do you tweet like a pro?

Here are some tips to ace the social media platform. First, you’ve got to tweet about interesting topics while keeping it simple, short, and to the point. You also need to have an understanding of hashtags and know when to tweet so your followers would be online.

How to Write on Twitter: An Entrepreneur's Guide
Article Name
How to Write on Twitter: An Entrepreneur's Guide
There are some important tips to writing on Twitter, such as being concise and using a friendly tone. This blog contains advice for writing an impressive tweet.