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Ureed; the Exclusive Content Provider for Altibbi

Ureed; the Exclusive Content Provider for Altibbi


Ureed has recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with Altibbi website for medical and health articles, under which the former will provide the latter with exclusive website content of medical and healthcare blogs.

The one-year agreement stipulates producing around 12,000 articles until the end of 2018, 2,000 of which were already written so far. Ureed produces the medical blogs with exclusive content through credible and specialized foreign references, which cover all aspects of health and medical sciences, including eye illnesses, tumors and benign tumors, cardiovascular diseases, endocrine diseases and diabetes, diseases of the digestive system, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, neurological diseases and psychiatric illnesses, in addition to pharmacology, medicine, alternative medicine, health and beauty. The website covers a variety of medical topics on rare and common diseases.

Altibbi’s website aims at delivering its noble message to all Arabs out of its deep faith in everyone’s right to have access to medical and healthcare information from a credible scientific source. The partnership between Ureed and Altibbi aims at increasing Arabic content online, specialized in the field of medicine and health, through employing a highly professional and capable team of specialized doctors, pharmacologists, nutritionists and nurses, in addition to a linguist staff adept in Arabic and capable of translating and producing well-written and accurate content within a medical frame and through credible medical sources.

Ureed’s specialized team, in cooperation with Altibbi, writes for the project no less than 150-200 articles every week. The articles are edited, revised and proofread, and then published on the website. The team comprises more than 50 writers and editors who work to produce the best content within record time.

“Out of our belief in the importance of our message to create specialized scientific and medical content, especially in Arabic, which suffers from a lack of credible scientific sources, sprang our partnership with Ureed, the cornerstone and first step towards achieving our message,” said CEO of Altibbi website Jalil Allabadi.

For her part, Ureed CEO Nour Al Hassan said, “Through this project, Ureed aims at elevating the level of scientific and medical translation, boosting its credible content and providing adopted Arabic medical terms. Thus, we found Altibbi to be the ideal platform to start working towards these goals.”

The partnership unified the goals of Ureed and Altibbi to serve Arabic content as well as provide many job opportunities to a large number of translators, giving them a confidence boost in their capabilities to write medical content that benefits the Arabic reader and boosts their knowledge in medicine and health, Al Hassan said, adding that Ureed hopes this will reflect positively on the lifestyle and health of Arabs and increase public awareness on the importance of health and self-care.

Ureed is a platform specialized in providing linguistic and editorial services, such as translation, content creation, writing, editing and proofreading. The platform also presents capable freelance linguists with many job opportunities through working remotely on unique language projects, allowing them to choose the tasks and projects they want to work on in the times that fit their schedules.

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