How to Write a Magazine Article

How to Write a Magazine Article
Most of us like reading magazines–they are light and colorful, and you can find one dedicated to almost any topic under the sun. If you want to start a writing career, it’s not a bad idea to start by writing articles for magazines.

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Most of us like reading magazines–they are light and colorful, and you can find one dedicated to almost any topic under the sun. If you want to start a writing career, it’s not a bad idea to start by writing articles for magazines.

There are many advantages to writing in magazines; one of them is learning how publishing works. Also, since magazines don’t usually publish on a daily basis, you’ll have time to research, write, and pitch new stories.

Writing an article for a magazine isn’t necessarily easy, but in this blog, we’ll share some simple steps that will make it easier.

How to Write a Magazine Article

There are important tips any writer should know for writing an article in magazine format.

Choose a Unique Idea

Pick a topic that is fresh, interesting, and within your wheelhouse of expertise. Finding a unique and angle is often the deciding factor in making your pitch will stand out to editors. Plus, the more original the idea, the more likely it is that it hasn’t been done before.

On that note, check to make sure the venue to which you’re pitching the article doesn’t already have a very similar story. Just as importantly, your pitch should be appropriate for the audience and style of the magazine.

Research for the Right Magazine

If you are an expert in specific subjects, do your research to find a suitable magazine for your story. Then, explore more about the magazine’s readers, tone, style, etc.

The best way to do this? Pick up a copy of a magazine at a nearby bookstore or find articles online and get reading! Don’t forget: you need to read the submission guidelines for every magazine before you start writing. The last thing you want is to write an entire article only to learn after the fact that it has to be completely restructured to adhere to the guidelines. Assure you have a good diversity in magazines to boost your possibilities of getting published.

Design Your Idea Perfectly

In magazine writing, it is important how to craft your pitch such that it clearly conveys your idea. Start with an exciting beginning to encourage the editor reading your pitch. It can be a question or a real situation. Next, explain the points you’ll cover and the facts you’ll include. Make it clear that your story would be a compelling addition to the publication.

Start Small

If you’re a newbie, I recommend pitching to local and small magazines at first. Your chance of being published in such forums is greater than in famous ones. Another benefit is that you can find stories simply in your local area. Once you’ve built a portfolio, you can start pitching to larger magazines.

Time to Format

Congratulations! Your idea has been accepted. Now, what should you do to write the article in a magazine format?

First of all, search for sources to enhance your story with accurate information. Further, divide the article into the main factors. If your story involves interviews, take the time to plan for them! First person perspectives will always help bring your article alive, but you need to make sure you ask the right questions. Finally, if you have some skills in photography, you can also attach any photos related to the story.

Preparing for Interviews

Knowing how to prepare for interviews is an important skill in writing for magazines. A great interview with the right person can make a good story a great one. Research the people you’ll be interviewing, write down your list of questions and take notes.

Write the First Draft

When you get all the information you need, start writing your article and keep in mind what length it should be. Start with a catchy and informative introduction. Next, arrange the details to build the structure of the story.

If you remember famous quotes related to your topic, use them in context. Use a main title and subtitles to organize your article, and end with a summary or takeaway.

Rewrite Your Article

Now, it’s time to review the style and grammar in your article. Remove any unneeded sentences and check punctuation usage as well as spelling. It’s always a good idea to get feedback from another pair of eyes.

Send Your Article

When corresponding with a magazine, you should give a good impression. Keep your communications professional, well-written, and informative. Keep timing in mind too. For instance, pitch an idea for the summer vacation in late winter or early spring, not in fall.

Creating content for magazines is an awesome experience. These tips will make the whole process easier. Happy writing!

What is an article in a magazine?

An article is a piece of writing in a publication, in a magazine, in this case, that tells a story, conveys a message, or reports news.

How do you write a magazine article?

Choose the topic that you’d like about and think of an interesting angle to tackle it from. Do some research about it, then set the outline, and start writing.

What is the structure of a magazine article?

Just like any other article, it consists of a title, an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

How long is a magazine article?

Magazine articles normally consist of at least 500 words in length. However, they could be sometimes shorter according to the page layout.

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