What Are the Top 3 Website Builders?

What Are the Top 3 Website Builders?
The good news about using some of the most popular all-in-one platforms is that there is a large pool of website design and development websites out there with specialized expertise that can help you build top-rated website platforms.

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The requirements for the success of today’s websites are endless.

Websites, for starters, need to be well designed, mobile responsive, integrated with social channels and easily found on search engines. But, rather than building a website from scratch , many business owners are opting for all-in-one platforms to incorporate the latest design ideas and the right bit of code, which allows for greater shareability and user experience.

The good news about using some of the most popular all-in-one platforms is that there is a large pool of website design and development websites out there with specialized expertise that can help you build top-rated website platforms.

Let’s look at the top 3 all-in-one website platforms:

1 – Shopify

Built with the aim of helping people to sell online with the least technical hurdles, Shopify is the platform of choice for companies operating in the eCommerce field.

Shopify Benefits

  • Easy to use: With everything a few clicks away, Shopify provides great beginner guides and lots of helpful FAQs
  • Designs: Designed to be mobile-friendly, Shopify integrates the latest UX designs and allows users to select from multiple “themes” for their websites
  • Flexibility: Even with no programming experience, users can fully access to the code and can add new functions via their app market or API for complete customization
  • Scaling: Shopify is very powerful and works for small and big online stores
  • Future proof: Shopify is one of the biggest and most successful eCommerce solutions out there; their up time is close to 100%

2 – WordPress

With over 60 million sites such as the New York Post running on WordPress, the latter is considered as the most powerful content management system on earth.

WordPress Benefits

  • Free: The website can gets users going ASAP. However, if they want it to host their site or choose premium themes, these must be purchased
  • Unlimited flexibility and future-proof: Users can change anything they like in the codes; and because WordPress is the largest content management system (CMS) in the world, it won’t be disappearing anytime soon
  • Themes: There are thousands of themes to choose from that will match users’ requirements. Hundreds and hundreds of designers have made themes that focus on photography, magazine layouts, eCommerce and more. A good aggregator of themes such Themeforest and Templatemonster are easily searchable by industry sector or type of product
  • Plugins: There are even ready-made extra tools users can simply “plugin” to seamlessly offer extra functionality such as shopping, membership subscription, and listings
    Community: The WordPress platform is so robust, thousands of developers have chosen to specialize in it, offering users the biggest pool of tech talents to draw from. The phrase “I need a WordPress developer” has now become a proxy for indicating someone wants to build a website

3 – Squarespace

Squarespace is the top pick for users who want to communicate directly with their audiences, for example bloggers.

Squarespace Benefits:

  • Templates and designs: Squarespace is very sophisticated and has elegant templates, they are all mobile responsive
  • SEO: Squarespace is excellent when it comes to getting found by search engines. simplifying using page titles, descriptions and other meta tags. For this reason, it’s very popular for people who are opting to scale their organic traffic approach
  • Blogging: The platform is only second to WordPress when it comes to blogging. You can even host a podcast on Squarespace
  • One-Page Website: Squarespace has also captured the trend for one page websites, offering professional output for only $5 per month

Once business owners start using these platforms, they tend to opt for customization very quickly. That’s when they start looking for a freelance website developer.

Building a website is an on-going project that requires continuous additions or improvements, that’s why paying a quality professional ensures that all aspects of the design and the functionality will be considered throughout the build.

A professional web developer will assess the following when it comes to choice of platform:

  • Ease of making additions and or improvements in the future
  • Better User Experience
  • Better SEO ranking
  • Reliable technical support
  • Time to implement and “go live”
  • Technical guidance that will result in a better end product

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