Ureed.com partners with community development organization Ruwwad to provide unemployed youth with access to freelance opportunities

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Ureed.com, the top online platform in MENA connecting freelancers with job opportunities in over 200 countries, announces its partnership with the non-profit organization Ruwwad. Through the duration of the partnership, the two organizations will train and support 250 talented youths (aged 18-35) pooled from disenfranchised groups in Jordan, including Syrian refugees and women, as well as graduates from Ruwwad’s scholarship program. The training seeks to open up its beneficiaries to the ever-expanding world of online working, and in turn alleviate the pangs of the pandemic that have been raging worldwide.

With inclusivity in mind, 50% of the training opportunities will be awarded to women, and 15% will be to Syrian refugees — two groups that have been reported to bear the brunt of the difficulties of Covid-19. The training will equip them with the vital skills needed to make headway in the competitive world of online freelancing.

Over the years, Ureed.com has gained repute as the preferred freelance platform in the Middle East and North Africa region, having worked with over 500 companies in the region and beyond, including heavy-hitters such as Noon, Wamda, Zain, STC and Amazon. The platform is trusted by freelancers and employers alike to make the meaningful connections that lead to successful endeavours in cross-collaboration.

Leveraging this expertise will empower the trainees to navigate online work — in fields such as translation, content creation, graphic design online marketing, business support, and a host of others — with ease. Ureed.com also has a framework in place that ensures its freelancers are compensated fairly, and on time, completely removing the uncertainty that has long been associated with freelancing.

Beyond that, Ureed.com intends to fully onboard and upskill participants of the program to equip them with the skillsets needed to enter the digital gig economy. This will be supported by marketing activities and incentive plans targeting employers on the platform to help ensure participants have the best standing to access online employment. The true value of this approach is in its creation of a sustainable, innovative approach to increase access to livelihood opportunities for unemployed youth, as well as supply the market with digitally apt freelancers capable of meeting its demand; a match made in a real bottom-up approach to economic sustainable development.

Ruwwad’s extensive developmental experience with marginalized communities on the other hand, will ensure that the capacity building activities within the program allow for a positive impact on the livelihoods of the cohorts.

Ureed.com and Ruwaad are pleased to bring together their combined expertise to provide world-class training that will secure a better future for its recipients.

About Ureed.com

Ureed.com is an online marketplace connecting employers from around the world with vetted and certified freelance talents across all professional fields. Ureed.com is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality of opportunity-starting in the workforce. Our network of freelancers exceeds 100,000 professionals and spans nearly 207 countries. Our freelance workforce is 55% women, with the majority of talents below the age of 30.

About Ruwwad

Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya is a non-profit youth and community development organization that works with marginalized communities through education, youth volunteerism, and grassroots organizing. Ruwwad’s approach encompasses an array of programs and projects that strengthen initiatives and facilitates redress to problems prioritized by community members. Three main programs anchor Ruwwad: Child Development, Youth Organizing, and Community Support.

Ruwwad, through its projects track, seeks to build partnerships that contribute to enhancing the socio-economic wellbeing and livelihood of the communities it serves through pursuing opportunities that would complement and deepen its work under the program’s track in areas of grassroots entrepreneurship, employability, and community protection.

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