Ureed Joins the Endeavor Network

Ureed is proud to announce that they are now part of the Endeavor network. Endeavor Jordan selected Nour Al Hassan, CEO of Tarjama and Ureed, into its global network.

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Ureed is proud to announce that they are now part of the Endeavor network. Endeavor Jordan selected Nour Al Hassan, CEO of Tarjama and Ureed, into its global network.

Endeavor Italy hosted the 80th International Selection Panel (ISP) in Milan, where they selected 40 entrepreneurs leading 22 companies from 15 countries. Endeavor now supports 1,698 entrepreneurs leading 1,059 companies in 30 growth markets around the world.

Ureed started out as a solution for the high demand of content and translation work coming out of Tarjama. It is an online editorial marketplace that balances out the demand and supply for businesses and freelance linguists to collaborate. Ureed, the 1st editorial marketplace in the MENA region, now offers its services in over 30 languages, has 7,500 freelancers, and over 700 employers/clients.

Among the 40 entrepreneurial businesses selected at the ISP, Ureed successfully passed panelist interviews about the essence of its business and its potential for high-impact growth. To be chosen as an Endeavor Entrepreneur, the ISP was culminated through an arduous multi-step selection process where according to the Endeavor website, candidates are identified as “innovative and driven entrepreneurs who are committed to advancing an ecosystem of entrepreneurship.”

As part of the Endeavor network, Ureed will now gain access to comprehensive customized services, including mentorship programs and strategic advice inspiration to address key needs from Fortune 500 consulting firms. It is an opportunity to accelerate and catalyze long-term economic growth.

Endeavor Jordan and its entrepreneurs enable significant impact in an emerging market by building four types of capital: Human, Financial, Social, and Cultural. The selection criteria included: Leadership Potential, Ecosystem Impact, Scale and Acceleration, as well as Infliction Point. Each of those criteria screened thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, to identify the best talent in each country. Candidates with the highest impact, highest-growth ventures, and greatest promise to develop into future leaders become Endeavor Entrepreneurs, with a path to building a more promising tomorrow.

As part of the selection process, Ureed successfully completed a primary deliberation panel in Amman, Jordan, where it was sent to the second ISP round.

The secondary ISP selection panel requires 6 Endeavor judges to validate the business and collectively agree on moving the project forward. Ureed remarkably achieved an instant, and triumphant approval from all 6 Endeavor judges from its very first pitch.

Ureed first started connecting employers with freelance editors and translators just over a year ago. Now offering a dynamic variety of content-related tasks including copywriting, translation, content creation, copyediting, transcription services and more. It fosters talent from the Middle East across the world. With Ureed being part of the global Endeavor network, it will now be granted access to services and events that will help accelerate its growth and offerings in order to continue building a successful network for world class content.

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