How To Effectively Plan and Actually Get Things Done

You know the feeling you get when you’re enjoying a cup of coffee, blissfully unaware of the heavy to do list that is just about to hit you? And then suddenly, like something heavy just landed on your head, you rush to finish your cup of coffee, grab a pen and paper and starting listing out the items you need to complete. The ideas swirling in your head are now resting on a piece of paper instead.

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When it comes to entrepreneurship and small business management, I personally, I’m a big advocate for writing things down and creating meticulously organized to do lists, I’ve even tried out a few organization apps (Teux Deux is my favorite). However, if creating entrepreneurship business plans isn’t your thing, and you’re wondering, ‘what must an entrepreneur do after creating a business plan?’ here are few other methods that may help get your day on track:

1- Keep a 5-Minute Goal Journal

Before you go to sleep each night, start writing a 5-minute goal journal to help you get your thoughts organized. You can find a preexisting layout online (The Five Minute Journal), or create your own. Start with writing things out about your day, like goals you’ve accomplished, a checklist of daily items you’re keeping track of, such as how much water you’re drinking, if you’ve watered your plants today, etc., as well as setting your goals for the next day. This method will hold you accountable for goal setting and goal keeping, and it’ll help you start your day with a clear, fresh mind, ready to take on your day.

2- Try a Coworking Space

Coworking and shared office spaces are popping up all over cities around the world. There is an evident shift in the way work operates nowadays, many people are opting to work as entrepreneurs and freelancers, and some companies offer flexible and remote work for their employees rather than keeping strict office hours. Coworking spaces allow you to rent out a workspace, either monthly, or just for the day, and it’s a place where you can work around like-minded and driven individuals. Some have kitchen space, they open early and stay open late, a lounge area, WiFi connection, some even offer workshops, and networking events. This is excellent for people who want to leave the house to work, and actually get things done.

3- Don’t Overthink, Just Get It Done

If you dwell on a thought for a minute too long, it becomes an overbearing task. Don’t procrastinate, just get up and get it done. Someone once told me that if hanging up your jacket takes an extra minute, do it instead of placing it where it doesn’t belong, and it always stuck with me. Doing the right thing, right away will make your life so much easier. You’re going to have to complete the task eventually, so you might as well get it done, and out of the way. Balancing thought with action may seem trivial to some, however getting stuck in the planning stages of setting your goals, will set you back. Finish what you set out to do, so you can make room for whatever is to come your way next.

4- Schedule Your Schedule

Set your schedule, yet be flexible. I know this sounds confusing, but once you make it work for you, it’ll work like a charm. Once you have your to-do list, or the things you want to accomplish in your head, set time goals for each one, but make sure you leave in some ‘cushion time’ between tasks, because life will most likely get in the way. Be realistic with your timelines, and be fair to yourself. If you feel overwhelmed, you’ll get stuck and won’t even want to get started. Create your list, and then set a time goal for each task, this will make you feel organized, and less pressured.

Planning, and effectively getting things done may come naturally to some, but to many others it takes a lot to stay organized. Find a way that works for you, whether it’s creating lists, writing in a journal, finding motivation around like-minded individuals, or simply finding the balance between thought and action. When it comes to crossing off that nagging task on your to-do list, I know everyone will find joy in that.

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