Compelling Product Descriptions

a compelling product description
Do product descriptions matter in the selling process? Of course they do! Consumers need to feel confident about the quality of the product they will buy. If the description is unclear or if there is missing information, the consumer may opt for a competitor’s offering.

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Do product descriptions matter in the selling process? Of course they do! Consumers need to feel confident about the quality of the product they will buy. If the description is unclear or if there is missing information, the consumer may opt for a competitor’s offering.
A study about user experience has demonstrated that 20% of online purchases failed because of bad product descriptions. So, you need to learn how to write a convincing product description to increase purchases.

How to write a product description that sells?

Understand your target audience

Although your website can target a wide range of different people with different personalities, every product will appeal to specific needs. Know your buyers’ needs and behaviors, and specify whether your product is unique or well-known. That can help you determine if you need to provide more information or if an image and few words will suffice.

Also, use market research to identify your audience demographics. Gather data about where they live, their educational level, their employment, and their income, etc. If you describe funny games or tricks, use humor in the description, as consumers love banter.

Include the best features in your product

After identifying your audience’s needs, craft your product description to fit them perfectly. List the benefits of your product and inform your consumers about how your product will solve their problems. Keep in mind your competitors, and highlight the qualities that your target audience won’t find in otherwise comparable products.

Just as importantly, detail the main information like the size of the product, colors, material, shipping information, etc.

Be honest and choose the right words

Be honest! If your product doesn’t contain 100% cotton, don’t say that. That doesn’t mean you need to list the product’s flaws, but direct the focus to its advantages. Furthermore, don’t use bland phrases like “excellent quality” or “wonderful material.” Including information such as a product’s specifications and benefits will help assure your clients that your product is of high quality. You can use words proven to influence readers when you write your description, such as offer, easy, quick, compare, and new. Those words help to convince your customer if he or she is one the fence about buying.

Let your brand voice shine

What is your company’s writing style? Do you use the formal writing style or the casual one? Whatever your answer, you need to stick to your brand voice while writing product descriptions. If your company uses specific jargon or fonts to communicate with customers, use them. Remaining consistent with the brand tone makes your description seem reliable and familiar.

Make it easy and quick to read

Not everyone has the time to read every word in your description. Your product description should help people to scan for important information quickly. How can you do this? Use bulleted points, large fonts, enough white space, and accessible language.

Motivate readers’ imagination

When you describe a product, let your words inspire your customers’ imaginations. Write about how consumers will feel if they wear or use your product. Help them imagine themselves holding your product. A study published in 2009 showed that when customers touch an object, their desire to buy it increases. Imagination can make it as if the person is holding the product, as can using large and clear pictures or videos.

Mini stories can also help

Another way to write a compelling product description is by telling a short story about the product. There are a few basic rules to telling a compelling story. For example, you should include answers as to who makes the product, how he was inspired with the idea, how he developed it, and what obstacles he faced.

Add keywords to your copy

Good job! Now you’re well on your way to writing a masterpiece for your product, but there’s still one thing missing. You need to add some related keywords in your description. Keywords are essential for SEO, and they enhance the content such that it appears on the first pages of the search engine. This helps customers to find you easily.

These tips can put you on the right track to writing a perfect product description. Remember to choose clear, high-quality images. For some more inspiration, it’s a good idea to check out some e-commerce websites and read examples so that you understand how writers apply these tips.


What is product description in project management?

A product description is a type of copy that describes the product, explaining the benefits of having it. Meanwhile, when it comes to project management, a product description defines the project’s exact deliverables that indicate its success.

How do I write a product description on Amazon?

Keep the product description short and straightforward, focusing more on the benefits the consumer will get out of the product rather than its specs and features. Use bullet points to break down long descriptions. Also, don’t forget to make your description SEO-friendly.

How do I write a product description on shopify?

Start by defining your target audience. Then highlight the features they’re looking for, be descriptive and informative, and speak their language and use their tone of voice.

Why is product description important?

As potential customers land on a brand’s website, finding answers to their questions would make the brand seem professional and informative about its products. That will improve the customer experience on the website and will add to the products’ selling points.

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