8 Must-Read Posts for Freelance Bloggers

8 Must-Read Posts for Freelance Bloggers
If you know about the 7 habits of highly effective people, then you must have come across habit #7, which is: sharpen the saw.

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If you know about the 7 habits of highly effective people, then you must have come across habit #7, which is: sharpen the saw. This habit mainly revolves around preserving, developing, and enhancing the strongest asset you have. If you’re a freelance blogger, then your primary asset is your writing prowess.

Setting aside some time to work on “sharpening the saw” will help you stay fresh and increase your productivity, which, in turn, will create change in your life.

How can freelance writers work on sharpening their saws?

As a freelance writer, your main responsibility is to produce high-quality content in a consistent manner. To do that, what could be better than reading to enhance your writing skills?

For writers, reading is like a collecting-tool. The more they read, the more they encounter fresh ways to structure thoughts and communicate messages in a manner that will easily connect them with their readers.

Reading transforms good writers into great ones because it allows them to familiarize themselves with different sentence structures, layouts, rhetorical styles, and more. Another benefit that writers derive from reading is exposure to fresh vocabulary. In essence, reading introduces writers to diverse pieces of content, myriad creative styles, different points of view, and new vocabulary–all of which can be incorporated into their own writing.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the must-read blog posts for freelance writers that can be used to “sharpen the saw.” Let’s get started!

List of 8 must-read blogs for freelance writers:

Blog #1: Why It’s a Good Time to Freelance (And How to Be Good at It)

In this blog, Rebecca Byrne walks us through the reasons why freelancing has become an increasingly attractive option for young people to start their career and the secret behind the boom in its popularity.

After showing us all the benefits and the reasons we should consider taking up freelancing as a career, Rebecca gives us a great list of the most needed qualifications, skills, and client acquisition strategies in order for a freelancer to succeed.

Blog #2: How to Close the Deal & Land That New Client

Closing the deal with an interested client is one of the most important elements in a freelancer’s work routines. In the blog, Katharine Paljug gives us 3 key strategies to get that “yes” from a potential client. She tells us about 3 strategies to close the deal with a new client, which are: giving more value than other freelance competitors, explaining the value of what you are offering, and answering all the questions they didn’t know how to ask.

Blog #3: How To Effectively Plan And Actually Get Things Done

One of the most important challenges that face entrepreneurs and freelancers is good planning. In this article, Jeeda Masoud tells us about the most effective ways to organize and get things done. So, if you are not too business savvy and wonder how entrepreneurs create successful plans and follow through to achieve their goals, then check out Jeeda’s suggested strategies.

Blog #4: How to Ask for a Raise (and Get One) From Your #Freelancing Client

Many freelancers struggle with how to ask for a raise. Freelance contracts are different than full-time contracts in terms payment agreements. In this blog, Lorraine elaborates in detail on how she was able to get a raise from one of her clients. She lays out the important negotiation tactics she used in order to achieve her goal.

Blog #5: Helpful Tools For Fighting Writing Ghouls

Sometimes, small tools can take your writing style to the next level. Yara tells us about the ghouls of writing that can pop up and distract your reader from the main idea and message that you are trying to convey. Examples on these ghouls are: grammar, flow, and formatting mistakes. After reading Yara’s blog post, you will have an arsenal of handy weapons that you can use to fight these ghouls.

Blog #6: 24 Hours to a More Successful Freelance Writing Career

If you feel like you are stuck in your freelance writing career, Jennifer Mattern has some advice for you. She describes 3 specific actions you can take in 24 hours that will help you to see the bigger picture and to focus on the things that will land you more gigs and more money.

Blog #7: 7 Enlightening Pieces of Advice for Freelance Writers on the Road

Everyone can benefit from advice, especially freelance writers who love traveling and consider themselves to be “digital nomads.” In this blog post, Nadine Arab gives freelance writers who are always on the go the best practical advice in order to get the most out of their careers.

Blog #8: How to Post Consistently for Your Online Business

In this blog post, Lindsey Hazel shares with us very important tips for creating content consistently. Additionally, she explains why it’s important for freelance writers to build an online presence with consistent content.


How much do freelance bloggers get paid?

A pay rate will vary from one writer to another according to experience and how each freelancer evaluates the worth of his/her work. On average, a freelance blogger can charge somewhat between 10 cents to USD 1 per word. This varies also according to the amount of effort exerted to work on an article in terms of time and research.

How much do bloggers make per article?

Rates can widely vary between USD 25 to USD 150 per article. That goes down to the amount of research and effort required, the blogger’s experience, and thus, his/her fee.

How do I become a blogger writer?

Keep a notebook where you’d jot down your ideas. Before you start writing, create an outline to easily come up with a structure that makes your story flow. Keep practicing by writing a lot, work on increasing your vocabulary range, and read the work of others learn and draw inspiration.

Where can I find a blogger?

There are plenty of online platforms where you can hire freelance writers and bloggers such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Ureed.

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