Checklist for Hiring the Best SEO Freelancers in Dubai

Checklist for Hiring the Best SEO Freelancers in Dubai
Here are a few key features that you must tick off your checklist while finding the perfect SEO freelancer.

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If you are an entrepreneur in Dubai on the lookout for a freelance SEO specialist, you should know that although there are plenty our there in the job market, not all of them will make your investment worth it. In fact, while choosing an SEO specialist, it is important to choose with careful deliberation rather than blindfolding yourself and hiring one randomly.
Here are a few key features that you must tick off your checklist while finding the perfect SEO freelancer:

1. Experience
This is a no brainer but really, experience counts a ton when it comes to being an SEO specialist. A professional who has work experience worth five years, has worked with the top SEO Agencies, has seen the SEO industry evolve over time and has greater familiarity with it; in contrast to a professional worth two years of experience.

The years of experience is also indicative of the ability of the professional to adjust and adapt to changes in the industry. Only a well-experienced and ever-evolving SEO professional can prevent your brand from falling into redundancy.

2. Diversity of work
If an SEO freelancer has worked on particular type of brands, for e.g. telecommunication, it might pose as a hindrance in their work especially if your brand falls under a different category like fashion. The professional may have to get out of their comfort zone to deal with an entirely different type of brand, which may cost you time and money. Moreover, the SEO specialist might be one-dimensional when it comes to their SEO strategy due to the lack of diversity in their portfolio. Thus, it is important to note the range of work these SEO experts have worked on rather than just the years of their experience.

3. Number of clients
It is important to know of the number of clients an SEO freelancer is catering to at once. SEO work can potentially be strenuous and time-consuming. Multiple clients may indicate that the freelancer is good and thus, is in demand. However, they may affect the freelancer’s performance as t heymight have too much on their plate and will not be able to give your brand the due attention it deserves.

It is important for an SEO professional to be able to concentrate on your brand and create a strategy that works best for you!

4. Vision
Being an entrepreneur, it is inevitable that you are clear about the vision of your brand. However, it is also just as important for your employees to share this vision with you to be able to work towards the success of the brand. Make sure that the SEO freelancer clearly understands the philosophy of your brand and is passionate about working on it rather than treating it like “just another project”. The professional’s work will reflect creativity only when they derive meaning from the brand and have a vision for it.

5. Strong communication skills
Last but arguably, the most important bar to tick off is that of communication. While hiring a freelancer, communication is key, as it is important to ensure that the lack of physical proximity does not hinder the success of the brand. You must check that the SEO professional is prompt in his replies, is able to comprehend your instructions and deliver on time. An indication of a good SEO freelancer is the frequency of the client’s interactions with them. Efficient professionals keep the client in the loop, every step of the way.

SEO technology is a game-changer in the digital marketing world. The competition is fierce and you must make sure that the SEO-specialist you hire is a value-addition to your team by checking all the boxes above. Head to to connect with top talents in your industry today!

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