The Unsung Heroes of an Organisation

Behind every great leader is a great personal assistant. Yes, you read that correctly.

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Behind every great leader is a great personal assistant. Yes, you read that correctly.

While leaders have the power and influence to make decisions that can affect the future plans of a business, they’re usually not the ones making it tick. More often than not, there’s another unsung hero who provides support and assist across multiple divisions in a company and makes sure diaries are planned, meetings are booked, research is documented and clients are greeted with professionalism.

We’re calling them heroes because executive or personal assistants can support teams across an organisation and can even play an office management or front office support role. Companies these days have most employees stretched to capacity, which means company leaders are expected to be doing a lot of tasks which don’t necessarily match their job descriptions. Startup employees have an even bigger problem, where people need to wear different hats and get presented with hundreds of menial tasks which are critical for operations but just end up becoming big distractions from their core jobs.

Recently we have seen a large increase in the amount of businesses looking to find extra freelance support for administrative tasks. It’s usually to replace an assistant who is on holidays or leave or to assist in busy periods. Freelance marketplaces have multinational investment firms, well respected NGOs and law firms hiring freelance administrative support professionals to help them get work done. Here’s an example of feedback they receive:

“We recently hired a freelancer to assist with the administration, research and CRM requirements of the business. During this interim assignment the freelancer proved to be a very useful asset to the Investor Relations team. The attention to detail and meticulous work ethic allowed us to complete an internal project that will add considerable value to the business”.

How does evaluate Freelance Personal Assistants? We look for some core characteristics that are required by Employers such as:

  • A generalist with a varied skills set who can be flexible and picks up new skills quickly
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to manage and diffuse drama
  • Sense of pride and organisation
  • Pro activity to help cross training employees
  • Ability to use day to day office tools efficiently 
  • Completes tasks on time with minimal errors
  • Length of previous jobs and client references reviewed

Hiring a full-time personal assistant can get challenging as the workplace moves across digital networks and employers downsize dramatically. However, here at we have built a verified talent pool of freelancers who can easily be placed and get started as quickly as next week or even tomorrow. It’s important to analyse exactly what areas you need support on within your business and give the opportunity to find a freelance talent to fill that gap. You no longer need to spend days or weeks asking your network, organizing meetings and interviewing freelance personal assistants, save your time and energy and let us help you find the perfect match. 

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