Why You Should Hire Local Freelancers for Your Startup

Why You Should Hire Local Freelancers for Your Startup
Hiring local freelancers has layers of benefits not only to your business, but even to the local economy. From eliminating language barriers, to creating a sustainable working relationship, here’s why you should consider hiring local freelancers.

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Finding great talent that understands your needs is one of the most challenging tasks an entrepreneur faces on a daily basis. An overworked entrepreneur could spend anywhere between 3 to 4 days and 3 whole months searching for great talent.

But why waste all that time, effort and money, when there’s a perfectly good solution knocking on your door? Thousands of freelancers in your country and region are also spending a lot of their time searching, and you both might be the missing piece of the puzzle that you needed. These freelancers, on top of having great skills, actually “get you,” because not only are they skilled and prepared for efficient delivery for your project, but, if they are local, they come from similar cultural backgrounds that would ensure that the level of communication and understanding would allow for a highly productive and efficient working relationship.

Here are the top reasons why hiring local freelance talents will bring value to your business…

1. You will be able to create more sustainable relationships with them

In the MENA and GCC regions, most people value sociability and creating relationships that last a lifetime. They want to build trust and create a relationship with the freelancer. Whilst global online work places are mostly about “virtual work,” and there is definitely a growing need for remote workers, there are also many employers and companies that prefer to meet freelancers in person. Hiring local allows that to happen easily.

2. No language barriers

Although many Arabs speak English, nothing beats speaking in Arabic in your own dialect to someone who understands you. It facilitates communication and the work becomes much more feasible, because communication becomes more efficient. Freelancers in your local region will also likely be in the same time zone, or at worst, a few hours ahead or behind. This will again allow ease of communication and more efficient work.

3. They will have an understanding of local consumers’ behavior

If you care to grow your local market you need people that understand the local nuances. If you’re hiring a marketer, a social media expert, a PR executive, a corporate identity designer or even a translator, you need people who understand the habits and consumer behaviour not only of consumers in the city or country in which you operate but also, the region. No one will know that better than a local expert.

4. You will be playing a role in growing your local economy

Hiring local means you’re playing a key role in boosting the local economy. There are many talented people in your city, country or region who are perfectly fit for the work you need. Their involvement will also circle back in the form of a more productive local economy, and more customers to grow your business!

Final notes…

Hire home grown talent and help create a virtuous cycle of economic growth, while empowering talent who would potentially become employers and job creators themselves!

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