6 Jobs You Didn’t Know You Could Hire a Freelancer For

5 Jobs You Didn't Know You Could Hire a Freelancer For
The jobs most often associated with freelance work are writing, graphic design, and translation. But technology has made it possible to hire freelancers for countless other jobs.

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When you hear the word “freelance,” you might think of the typical jobs people could do online like writing, graphic design, web development, and translation.

But did you know that the gig economy has grown so much over the past decade that according to a survey conducted by the Freelancers Union, the majority of the US workforce will be freelancers by 2027?

Because of this rapid growth, a LinkedIn Workforce Report from May 2018 shows that 70% of small businesses have hired a freelancer in the past, and 81% of these businesses plan on hiring freelancers in the future.

With all that said, “freelancing” nowadays encompasses a myriad of different occupations. Read on to find out all the unusual types of jobs you can actually hire a freelancer for.

1. Freelance Accountant
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Freelance accounting is especially popular amongst independent contractors and small businesses in need of someone to keep track of their expenses and issue financial statements.

Don’t let the fact that they work from home deceive you into thinking they have limited capabilities. With all the online tools available in the digital age, it’s become more than possible for accountants to comfortably declare themselves “self-employed” while still performing all the normal duties of an in-house accountant. 

Large corporations shouldn’t shy away either from hiring a freelance accountant! Freelance accountants are usually adept at using digital ledgers to keep business accounts balanced and expenses in check.

2. Freelance Legal Consultant
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In trouble with the law?

In this day and age, there’s absolutely no need to limit yourself to your local law firm just to get legal advice. Thanks to Ureed.com’s diverse platform, hiring a freelance legal consultant is now an easy possibility.

A freelance legal consultant can assist you in any legal matter that requires analysis, research, and maintaining client relationships. They’re responsible for providing support, auditing all the legal work and making sure the procedures proceed without any interruption.

If you have any agreements or proposals that need to be reviewed or drafted, are facing business problems that need legal solutions, or in need of someone to investigate company practices to ensure they don’t violate labor laws or wages, then save yourself the trouble of looking for one by hopping onto Ureed.com’s platform and hiring one.

3. Freelance 3D Modeler
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Graphic design isn’t the only design-related freelance job out there. There’s another freelance designer that you’ll be introduced to later on this list, and then you have the freelance 3D modeler.

The freelance market has certainly diversified! A freelance 3D modeler will help design and build a real-life prototype of your product before its launch. They’re hired by all kinds of institutions; from the medical industry to advertisement, hiring a freelance 3D modeler is a quick, cost-efficient way to bring your product to life before releasing it to the public.

4. Freelance Architect
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And here’s the next designer on our list! A freelance architect’s job entails the same tasks and responsibilities you would expect at an average office; designing buildings, deciding which architecture is best suited for a particular area, working with a variety of blueprints, and providing consultation before, during, and after the construction process.

5. Freelance Supply Chain Manager
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In uncertain times like these, you may have found yourself in need of someone to supervise and more thoroughly manage all external operations with your suppliers. If you don’t want to sift through a pile of CVs or conduct interviews until your eyes pop out of their sockets, you can log onto Ureed.com’s job platform and get yourself a freelance supply chain manager minus the typical hassle.

Their job can be to negotiate contracts, manage inventory, and evaluate vendors and work with them to get the necessary material for your products then sell them to outside markets.

6. Freelance eCommerce Developer
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You can find web developers on every freelance platform out there, and while they’re an important part of any business big or small, sometimes you need someone who can do a little more than just web development.

If you’re currently managing an eCommerce business or just starting an online retail business, there are eCommerce web developers working from home ready to offer their services to you.

Freelance eCommerce developers will handle all the maintenance, troubleshooting, and testing for your website. They’re well versed in a number of programming languages and pipeline tools that will help you create a top-notch eCommerce site.

The takeaway…

What’s great about the gig economy becoming popular so quickly is that it’s making it possible for professionals in other, more atypical industries to have online side hustles. “Freelancing” has become an umbrella term for a number of jobs in fields whose duties and responsibilities you wouldn’t believe can be done from a home office. And with the tools and software readily available for purchase online, experts from all industries can accomplish impressive work for your company. 

Ureed.com provides a platform for freelancers from all the industries listed above, and more, where professionals looking for an expert can find freelancers that will meet their needs and accomplish tasks as efficiently as they would face-to-face. Sign up on Ureed.com and find the freelancer you need.

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