[Success Story] I Earned $1000 Every Two Weeks from Freelancing on Ureed.com. Here’s How.

[Success Story] I Earned $1000 Every Two Weeks from Freelancing on Ureed.com. Here's How.
Many people believe that there isn’t enough money in freelance work. But I’m here to share my story and shatter that myth once and for all.

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Many people believe that there isn’t enough money in freelance work. But I’m here to share my story and shatter that myth once and for all.

I used to work as a freelance translator, content creator and subtitler next to my fulltime job as a special education teacher. At the time, I earned around 50 dollars – on good weeks – from both jobs. That was because it was difficult for me to find freelance clients to supplement my low teaching salary.

Then one day, I saw a Facebook post about a new freelance platform called Ureed.com.

I thought it looked ingenuous enough, so why not, and clicked the link in the post.

I was one of the first few registered freelancers on the platform, and to be honest I was lost. I had never dealt with freelance marketplaces before. But when I gave it a shot, I realized that Ureed.com was a very user-friendly platform that’s easy to browse through.

It was clear and organized, and it was very easy to find the available jobs and bid on them. Not to mention that the website was available in both English and Arabic, making my life as a new predominantly Arabic-speaking freelancer – who’s new to freelancing terms – much easier.

For months, I kept browsing and bidding on different projects, but I didn’t match with one project. I didn’t give up and kept up with bidding on projects. In parallel, I decided to develop my translation skills and learn more about freelancing.

My story began when I bid on a content creation project, and the client went with a different freelancer.

A few days later, the same client sent me a message on Ureed.com and asked me to re-bid on his project. And that was the start of the most rewarding chapter of my freelance career.

I delivered the project and received a 5-star rating along with a great review from the client. That review caught the attention of Ureed.com’s operations team, who then asked me to join an Ureed Enterprise project that consisted of translating a new, incredibly fast-growing ecommerce website.

I joined the team and found very friendly teammates to work with, and more importantly, an incredibly cooperative and professional managing team who did everything in their power to make us feel comfortable. It took less than a few weeks for us to trust them completely.

As is the case with most large, long-term projects, we worked using a CAT tool. The process was fully digital, which helped me work fast and effectively. For months, I put all my efforts into being the best translator working on this project, and I developed my own unique translation style. I reviewed my work multiple times to ensure there were never any grammar or spelling mistakes, and made sure that my editors were always satisfied with my work.

I was working hard and smart, using the team history function to save time with words that have already been translated, and making use of the time-saving CAT tool.

The client also gave us consistent feedback every month, and that helped me to sharpen my skills even more. The next thing I knew, I was promoted to editor due to the quality of my translation and my commitment to match the client’s expectations, from linguistic style to tone.

When I was still a translator, I had been earning around 500 dollars per month.

When I got promoted to editor, my earnings jumped to exceed 1000 dollars every two weeks.

From this point on, I earned my top-rated position on ureed.com, earned a good amount of money and great experience. More importantly, I had a stable income for months. After a while I couldn’t keep working on that ongoing project, but by then, I had gotten enough reviews and referrals to work with other clients from Ureed.com.

What I learned…

It only took one job, my first ever, to accelerate my freelance career. If I had given up when I hadn’t gotten my break yet, none of this would have ever happened. This experience showed me that determination and hard work will always pay off. Use your time to learn everything about your specialization. Commit to putting in the work with a platform you trust, just like Ureed.com.

Ready to start your own success story? Sign up now on Ureed.com and browse through hundreds of projects in your industry.

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