Studies Show Positive Impacts of Remote Work on Mental Health & Work-Life Balance

Several Studies Show Positive Impacts of Remote Work on Mental Health & Work-Life Balance
Several studies revealed that employees are seeing a positive change in their mental health & work-life balance since they started working from home.

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Multiple studies carried out recently on remote employees show that working from home is great for mental health. One such study, carried out by job search engine FlexJobs on 800 American employees, revealed that 48% of the respondents with flexible work options indicated that their work-life balance was excellent. Of these respondents, 54% of them found that when working remotely, they had more access to the emotional support necessary to manage job-related stress. Only 36% of remote employees found that their conditions remained the same when compared to their in-office lifestyles.

Another key insight offered by this study is that a majority of employees are not interested in going back to the office post-pandemic. 66% of the respondents would prefer to continue working remotely after the pandemic subsides. 33% would prefer a combination of working from the office and from home. Only a minuscule 2% would prefer working from their offices full-time.

Another separate study carried out before the pandemic by Owl Labs, a video conferencing company, showed that 91% of respondents favor remote work as it had significantly improved their work-life balance. The survey, carried out on 1,200 workers, found that 79% of the respondents cited distance-working as the driver behind their increased productivity and focus, and another 78% were less stressed when working from home.

These results coincide with the outcomes from yet another study carried out by IBM on 25,000 people in May. Over 50% of the interviewees said they will opt to continue working from home following the pandemic.

Remote working has been so well received by employees and companies alike, that more than two-thirds of them may render their work-from-home policies permanent. Reports indicate that large companies like Google and American Express have elected to extend their remote work strategy way into 2021, with plans to make working from home permanent for some employees. The benefits realized from distance-working are making it more than just a contingency plan. has been fully remote since April, and the company has achieved tremendous success even with employees scattered in different countries.

But what really makes the case for remote working is the amount of job satisfaction and fulfillment that it awards both employers and employees. Working from home provides a comfortable, customizable and stress-free environment for employees that can help them realize their full potential. 

Although research by Microsoft showed that remote working could lead to more hours spent engaged in work, it is generally more appealing to employees and leads to more productivity.

From these studies, it is apparent that adopting an out-of-office work policy or a blend of remote and in-office work is beneficial to the work-life balance of employees. Providing a framework that allows them to work without the stress associated with a workplace is sustainable in the long run. As people all over the world commemorate mental health awareness day on 10th October, it is important to take a moment to pause, reflect and enjoy the flexibility that working remotely provides.

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