Worried About Flooding Black Friday Sales? Here’s How Freelancers Can Help

Worried About Flooding Sales This Upcoming Black Friday? Here’s How Freelancers Can Help
Businesses are devising strategies to win consumers’ attention this Black Friday. Freelancers’ specialized services can help them thrive.

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Black Friday 2020 won’t be like any other…

Full parking lots, long lines, crowds of people rushing in to get their hands on the hottest deals—these are all of the things we used to attribute to Black Friday, the much anticipated shopping season which falls on the day after Thanksgiving.

That was the Black Friday we all knew and loved, back when we didn’t have a pandemic looming over our heads like a cluster of gray clouds that doesn’t seem to be going away. Yes, this holiday season might look different for the rest of us, but for businesses running the show, the pressure is still on, and possibly more than ever.

Companies like Home Depot, Walmart, Macy’s, BestBuy, and so many others are downplaying their in-store deals and putting even more emphasis on their online offers. These major companies, along with typical online retail giants like Amazon, will be creating major competition online—the internet will become a bloodbath on November 27th.

Too much on your plate? Freelancers can swoop in to save your business

Business owners are now anxiously trying to figure out an extensive game plan and online strategy to win their target consumers’ attention; one that allows their businesses to be heard above the noises of other online retailers.

And just as important, you need a team that can handle the pressure that comes with the holiday season and can manage high-stakes situations. With all business transactions on steroids during this season, it’s unlikely that your team has the capacity to handle it without making any human errors.

It would also be unrealistic to spend months of time, energy and money on onboarding new members to the team who you’ll only need for one day of the year. If you’re wondering where you can get that sort of efficiency, agility & flexibility at a low cost, look no further than the freelance market. Instead of hiring a full-time employee for a one-time job, hire a team of independent contractors to do the work for you for as long as you need them.

Here are the different ways freelancers can help your business thrive this holiday season…

Establish social media presence
Worried About Flooding Sales This Upcoming Black Friday? Here’s How Freelancers Can Help
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In the weeks leading up to November 27th, everyone is going online and scouring the internet to see who has the best deals.

As of 2020, there are about 3.6 billion users on social media, and it’s safe to say that at least half of those users are looking for offers and deals like yours. That’s a large number of people to handle, and professional, freelance social media experts can help you navigate those huge crowds online. Freelancers are generally great at handling high-pressure environments like this one; they don’t so much as flinch at the prospect.

A freelance social media manager can help launch creative online campaigns for your business across many online platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They’ll get you the traffic—the right traffic—you need for sales to skyrocket by putting social media posts and ads in front of your target audience.

Create well-written ad copy
Worried About Flooding Sales This Upcoming Black Friday? Here’s How Freelancers Can Help
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We all know how important content marketing has become in recent years. Not only has it won a spot in the traditional marketing mix, it’s also a lot less expensive than the standard outbound marketing. Freelance content marketers, who are used to churning out high-quality work under pressure, can do the job for you.

Professional freelance copywriters are responsible for conducting extensive research on the kinds of keywords your target audience is using in different search engines. They then take those keywords and create an SEO-optimized advertisement copy that will help drive target consumers to your product.

You can also hire a freelance SEO writer to breathe life back into your business’ blog. Similar to the copywriter, they do in-depth research into your target clients’ search patterns to figure out what they typically read and look at online right before Black Friday.

These two freelancers will help bring a good portion of the 3.6 billion people on the internet to your business and persuade them to buy your products with the power of well-researched, quality prose.

Turn your creative ad copy into a beautiful design
Worried About Flooding Sales This Upcoming Black Friday? Here’s How Freelancers Can Help
Source: rawpixel.com

We humans are primarily visual creatures. We browse our social media feeds and continue to scroll until we see something that really “pops.” A plain-looking, unassuming advertisement isn’t going to cut it, but a freelance graphic designer will know how to make users stop in their tracks.

Professional freelancers usually run competitor analyses, user analyses, and A/B tests to understand which designs will best represent your brand and which ones the target customer will most likely engage with.

Manage e-commerce and get an extra hand for admin work
Worried About Flooding Sales This Upcoming Black Friday? Here’s How Freelancers Can Help
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One of the reasons why Black Friday is such a stressful time for businesses is because of the high volume of customers visiting their websites, purchasing products, and commenting on social media. While having hundreds of transactions a day is definitely a good thing, it also puts a lot of strain on the small team behind the scenes who need to fulfill and manage more transactions than they ever dealt with at the same time.

Instead of stretching your team too thin and risking human errors and blunders, you can hire an ecommerce manager! A professional manager can handle customer support, consistently upload new products to the lineup, and manage the team to get the most out of the massive wave of customers flooding through the gates.

You don’t have to worry about opportunities you might miss because of lack of time or bad management, a professional freelance e-commerce manager will keep tabs on your team and monitor your business’ online activity.

In sum…

Freelance graphic designers, SEO copywriters, e-commerce managers; all of them have one thing in common: they’re so experienced with working under pressure that it’s become a natural part of their jobs. What makes freelancers exceptionally great additions to a team is their flexibility and adaptability to stressful and new situations.

If you’re worried about having opportunities for growth and profit slip between your fingers during one of the biggest events of the year, then consider hiring professional freelancers who can get the work done effectively, and on the budget that suits your needs.

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