Danish Startup Stykka Has Designed The World’s First Entirely Recyclable, Sustainable and Open-Source Desk

Danish Startup Stykka Has Designed The World’s First Entirely Recyclable, Sustainable and Open-Source Desk
As the world’s first modular desk, it is designed to fit the needs of the flexible, environmentally conscious & tech-savvy worker.

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A freelancer’s home office has a huge impact on how productive and motivated they are to start their work day, which is why the news of Danish startup Stykka’s new ultimate desk was well-received by countless remote workers and freelancers across the globe.

Stykka is on a mission to develop, alongside Søren Rose Studio, the ultimate workstation. With a sleek, minimalist and entirely sustainable design, the new “LastDesk” is made from locally sourced and responsible materials, like FSC100-certified plywood and upcycled steel. 

To prolong its lifespan, Stykka also designed it for disassembly enabling it to be easily repaired, refurbished or remanufactured through Stykka’s digital production platform.

As the world’s first modular desk, it is intricately designed to fit the needs of the tech-savvy worker. To further prolong the value of the LastDesk, the design includes three slots at the back of the table that enable users to customize their table according to their needs. The slots, or “plugins”, can accommodate a number of accessories ranging from speakers and wireless chargers to task lamps.

Stykka and Søren Rose Studio have designed the first five plugins, which include a wireless charger for a smartphone, an integrated Sonos One wireless speaker, and a Wästberg Task Lamp made from recyclable plastic. 

What’s more, Stykka will be launching an open-source design competition where designers around the world will be invited to “hack” the design and come up with their own plugins. 

The core idea behind the desk is to create a simple design that can evolve along with its user’s needs, so that it never becomes outdated and thrown out. 

According to Forbes, around 11.8 million tons of home and office furniture ends up in landfill in the USA. This led Stykka to prioritize sustainability over everything in the design of this desk, resulting in the world’s first desk with all its components made to be upcycled endlessly.  

For Ureed.com freelancers whose home office needs far exceed that of any other in-house employee, the desk is a godsend and a perfect investment for one’s career. Moreover, the desk is a clever solution for the flexible worker whose resources and needs change constantly over time.

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