Recruitment Agencies Aren’t the Best Avenue for Finding Creative Talent Anymore. Here’s Why.

Recruitment Agencies Aren’t the Best Avenue for Finding Creative Talent Anymore. Here’s Why.
Up until recently, recruitment agencies were lauded as one of the best ways to secure talent. But in a highly digitalized world, they’re slowly becoming obsolete.

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Up until recently, recruitment agencies were lauded as one of the best ways to secure talent. But in a highly digitalized world, such as the one we live in, they’re slowly becoming obsolete- and for good reason. Digital marketplaces and social media platforms are removing the need for a middleman as they connect the employer directly with the qualified candidate. 

Online talent platforms have become so indispensable in the hiring process that it is estimated by 2025, they will contribute $2.7 trillion to the global GDP and increase employment by 72 million. In this article, we’ll discuss the downsides of using recruitment agencies to hire talent, and show you how digital hiring marketplaces can make your employee search much easier.

1. Recruitment agencies charge expensive fees

Anyone who’s worked with a staffing agency before will tell you that they’re incredibly exorbitant. Some will charge you sign up fees even before they give you a placement, while others will wait to take a huge percentage of your employee’s first paycheck (some more than half) after you make the hire. 

Something important to keep in mind is that recruitment agencies are businesses, and therefore their bottom line comes first, finding you the right candidate second. On however, you don’t pay any fees to sign up and you’re subjected to a meager 2.4% + 0.75 AED fee upon depositing money into your account. 

2. They may give incomplete or flawed information

The downside of using third parties is that information may get diluted or become something entirely different, a scenario not uncommon in the world of recruitment agencies. As an employer, you may get bombarded with thousands of emails claiming they found the “perfect” candidate for you but on further inspection, you may find that the candidate has little to do with the specialty you’re looking for.

On the other hand, you may get misleading information about a candidate, only to find out later that what you were told wasn’t exactly true. This problem is removed entirely by online platforms. Every freelancer on the platform is pushed to add substantial documents and certifications of the information they provide, whether that’s in the form of certificates, work samples in a portfolio, or work experience. This allows employers full transparency and visibility into all the information they might need about their freelance candidate.

3. Their process isn’t always streamlined

One thing that traditional hiring practices have in common is that they are highly fragmented. In hiring agencies for instance, you may engage with one recruiter today, then another tomorrow, so none of them has an intimate knowledge of your experience or needs, which may lead to a hiring decision that is not optimal. 

Because most recruitment agencies handle so many clients at a time, you may find that it takes them ages to respond to your emails. You’ll find yourself wading knee-deep through emails with candidates that you have no interest in, distracting you from meaningful recruitment.

But how do online platforms help? Well, on, the entire hiring process can take 20 minutes. You post the job, you receive pitches or you browse straight away for the freelancers you need, and once you settle on a freelancer and they accept your invite, they start working. The process is designed to save employers time, effort & money when sourcing and hiring creative talent.

4. They lack knowledge of your industry

It is unrealistic to expect recruiters to be familiar with your industry. They deal with people from diverse professional backgrounds, so they may be inept in your particular area of expertise. It can be argued that this makes them unsuitable to screen candidates for you, because how can they know that something is a “great fit” if they have no idea what it entails? 

By removing the middleman, you can enjoy full transparency and visibility into the process, and you’ll be able to speak directly to the candidates who are well versed in the intricacies of the job position. You can negotiate terms, re-evaluate expectations, and make your new hire as exciting as it should be.

Digital marketplaces are the answer

No longer should you invest your time engaging with job recruiters who may not prioritize your welfare. Discover a new world of limitless opportunities with digital platforms that put you in the driver’s seat as you find the talent that will drive your business to growth. They’re easy to use, not marred by go-betweens, and allow you full control into who gets to help you on your journey to growth.

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