How a Newbie Freelancer on Became a Certified Freelancing Mentor in 6 Months

How a Newbie Freelancer on Became a Certified Freelancing Mentor in 6 Months
After one bad project, Hadeel Afana gave up on freelancing for 2 years. When she decided to give it another try, she achieved incredible success leading her to become a certified freelancing mentor. This is her story.

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“Never put a ‘full stop’ in the middle of a sentence.” A grammatical rule we have been taught countless times throughout our childhood education journey. Teachers think that we, when getting older, digest this and we are no longer in need of it. However, I believe that the more you grow up, the more you are in a pressing need to be reminded of this rule.

Two years ago, I was searching for any resource that can help me find freelance work. By chance, I found myself in a Facebook group of freelancers, and the members mentioned in a lot of their posts and comments. That was the beginning of my journey.

In July, 2018, I registered on with no previous background about how it works. I spent weeks searching, consulting and asking others about it, pitching to jobs in a way I do not consider now to be professional, and then finally, I got hired.

I was so ecstatic and excited that I posted an Instagram story expressing how proud I am of finally hitting the goal. However, I was not very experienced as I was only a sophomore in college at the time. So, the translation task was not done as expected, and I remember the client being disappointed. He asked me to edit it, which led me to ask for a fellow colleague’s help. After a tiring word war, I managed to deliver the file on time, but it still wasn’t up to par.

My client had lost even the last glimmer of hope that I could do the work appropriately, so he ended the project, released the payment, and rated the work three stars out of five. I gave up immediately, and unfortunately, I put a full stop on my entire experience.

Later on, after I had developed and honed my skillset, I decided to give it another try, and let’s just say, that was the right call. One employer posted a project expressing his need for a website content writer. I finished his project perfectly and he left me a review admiring the work. While working on the project, he kept repeating ‘SEO’, which I knew nothing about. I started searching for almost a month, and I attended many online courses related to SEO.

I got back to him to ask if I can re-write the content with an SEO-friendly approach. He started giving me tips, suggesting tools, and helping me become an expert. Soon enough, I found myself becoming a specialist in SEO content writing.

In only eight months, I was able to land over 15 projects with clients from all over the Arab world, each receiving exceptional feedback. The best thing about my experience was that I was able to build close business relationships with most of my clients, and I found that to be one of the most gratifying parts of freelancing.

I’m now the youngest freelancing mentor in an institution that has over 25 other mentors. I had been a trainee there, but because I have a good experience in, specifically, I was promoted to mentor.

On Wednesday, 22nd of Novevember, I led a webinar with over 100 attendees introducing this rising platform and advising trainees not to waste a golden opportunity to build their careers and develop their skills. I am still receiving eager questions, great reviews, and enthusiastic messages from the attendees who fell in love with the platform during the webinar. was the first step that led me to be who I am now, a successful freelancer and the youngest freelancing mentor at my organization. It was the first platform to offer me direction and guidance when I needed it the most, whether through the support team or even the clients I worked with. For that reason and many others, I’m incredibly proud to call myself a freelancer.

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