How to Scale Your Performance Marketing Strategy in 2021 with Freelancers

How to Scale Your Performance Marketing Strategy in 2021 with Freelancers
$12 billion were spent on affiliate marketing alone globally in 2020, indicating that performance marketing as a strategy is bound to take 2021 by storm.

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More than just a buzzword in the ever-evolving digital advertising space, performance marketing is an umbrella that encompasses several marketing strategies that are revolutionizing online marketing. For most, the appeal of performance-based marketing lies in the measurable KPIs and metrics that make it easy to monitor and optimize returns. Its popularity can also be exemplified by the US$12 billion that was spent on affiliate marketing globally in 2020. As this number suggests, performance marketing is an up-and-coming strategy that is bound to take 2021 by storm.

What is performance marketing and why is it important?

As was previously mentioned, performance marketing is an all-encompassing sales technique that includes different styles of digital advertising like affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, search marketing, and others, where the advertising partner exchanges completed desired outcomes for commissions. As the name suggests, performance is the key determinant of the effectiveness of the strategy of choice. This performance can be measured using parameters such as completed leads, sales, bookings, or downloads.

For brands, this method of advertising forms an integral part of the new age marketing techniques that are helping them grow. It is a win-win strategy that allows both the merchant (seller) and publisher (advertiser) to create targeted campaigns that are heavily centered on performance and ROI. Since payment is made after the fact, you can rest assured that your terms will be met beforehand. This eliminates the sense of apprehension that plagues businesses that use traditional advertising methods.

The role of freelancers in performance marketing

For modern businesses, scalability and success are intertwined. So, as your business grows, your marketing strategies must grow with it to keep up with the scale of your operations and your increasing reach. Even at the point of inception, you should set your company up with the right tools and manpower required to manage growth when it occurs. The scalability of a business can be measured by its ease in adaptability, upgradability, and its expansion capacity over time.

In the case of performance marketing, its intertwining aspects can be a bit challenging to manage on a large scale. That’s why it’s important to up the number of hands working on increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns as your operations expand. Without incurring the superfluous costs of hiring full-time employees to handle just one aspect of your marketing, you can easily tap into the skill and talent that a freelance pool provides.

This section of the blog will provide you with a few types of freelancers you can hire easily from to run your performance-based marketing strategy. The advantage of sourcing your freelancers from is that the website is designed to help you browse profiles in your categories of choice, so you can narrow down candidates without having to rummage through thousands of profiles that aren’t related to what you might be searching for. 

1. Sponsored content

Promoting your educational content on editorial sites around the web is a surefire way of directing traffic to your site. Content marketing is one of the most effective advertising strategies because it markets your products to your audience subtly, through informative or educational routes. According to The Content Marketing Institute, 70% of consumers prefer content marketing to traditional advertising methods, showing just how rewarding investing in content writers is. is teeming with writers of all kinds–from creative writers and ghostwriters to copywriters and technical writers, has them all–that you can hire irrespective of your geographical location. These freelancers will help you build a library of information from the ground up that will make you a reliable repository of knowledge, translating to higher sales in the long run.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Probably one of the most well-known methods of performance marketing, affiliate marketing makes use of third party advertisers to help your brand get more recognition and increase traffic to your site. Running an affiliate marketing campaign is as easy as partnering with anyone with a website (but it’s preferable to use affiliates with a reputable platform and a large following for better results) to market your products on their site or social media pages.  

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3. Display advertising

These types of ads are usually found at the bottom of web pages or can sometimes be nestled within a body of content. Their performance is measured by CPC or CPM metrics, which can be simply tracked using analytical tools. They’re usually presented in the form of banners, images, or text. 

With the help of a web designer from, you can create an ad banner for your website to place on relevant third-party apps or web pages to help direct traffic to your website. Although most internet users find display ads interruptive, if well designed, they can be eye-catching and encourage the user to patronize your website.

4. Native Advertising

Native advertising is the same as display advertising in all aspects except the format. Unlike display advertising, native ads blend seamlessly into their surrounding environment which gives the page a more natural and user-friendly display. In some cases, native ads are so ingeniously designed that users can’t tell them apart from the rest of the unpaid content on the page. But achieving this is no mean feat. It requires a skilled web designer and a seasoned content writer who can help your ads blend smoothly into the rest of the content.

5. SEO marketing

The focus on keywords has consumed content writers on the internet for a while now, and for good reason. These keywords help you rank high on search engines, so your potential clients can discover you without the distraction of other brands. But however simple this may sound, it requires a sound strategy and specialized tools to optimize the content you put out. That’s why you should rely on experienced SEO experts from to help you synergize your SEO strategy and stay ahead of your competition.

Get freelancers to help you navigate 2021

In addition to marketing, you can employ the expertise of freelancers for a myriad of other short and long term tasks that are crucial in the running of your business. Having been lauded as a key component to unlocking growth in 2021, freelancers can help you scale your businesses no matter what state your business is in at the moment.

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