American Tech Startup Minim Launches a Free Remote Work Assessment Tool

American Tech Startup Minim Launches a Free Remote Work Assessment Tool
This analytical tool from Minim assesses the preparedness of businesses to manage, support, and empower their remote workforce.

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Now that remote work has proved resilient to the pangs of the pandemic, some companies are dedicating their resources to developing tools that will make it easier for businesses to manage their employees as they continue to work from home. One such company is Minim, an internet products developer, that has unveiled the creation of their new free assessment tool, Minim Remote Scorecard, which aims at helping businesses build successful remote work strategies. The service also incorporates packages from other providers such as Zoom, Dialpad, Prodoscore, and ICI Cybersecurity, that will help employees schedule and deliver their work effortlessly and securely.

This analytical tool from Minim gives customized tech recommendations for companies to improve their efficiency, as well as provides a score that assesses the preparedness of businesses to manage, support, and empower their remote workforce. With this score, companies can improve their current operations, leverage better remote work infrastructure, and synergize their overall work structure with a strategy to meet their shortcomings.

“The rapid shift to remote work highlighted the business need for innovative remote work technology solutions that tackle key challenges – from employee productivity and communication to overall WFH connected experience. This assessment will help companies learn about such solutions that are positioned to help,” said the VP of Business Development and Cybersecurity at Telarus (one of Minim’s partners), Dominique Singer. Another partner, VP Global Sales at Dialpad Mike Kane, reiterated this sentiment adding that the pandemic presents companies with an opportunity to revise their remote work protocols.

Over the past year, the rate of adoption of remote work by companies has increased dramatically due to the constraints brought about by the pandemic. Forbes writes that what used to be offered as a perk for employees has become a mainstream way of conducting business, and it is expected that by 2025, 70% of the global workforce will be working remotely at least 5 days a month. A survey conducted by Gartner also revealed that 74% of employers plan on letting their employees continue working from home even after Covid-19 subsides. With numbers like this, it is not surprising that developers are rushing to provide solutions that will optimize remote work.

The Scorecard is divided into five sections that analyze the elements required for an optimized remote work strategy:

Section 1: Compiles information on the nature of the business and its existing remote work model;

Section 2: Assesses the level of employee cybersecurity training in the company’s infrastructure;

Section 3: Identifies the areas vulnerable to comprise through employee connections;

Section 4: Examines the communication and work channels currently being implemented;

Section 5: Checks the level of technical support accorded to the employees in terms of security and performance.

The conception of tools like these will also improve the productivity of companies that source their talent from digital freelance marketplaces like, which are intrinsically remote. This remote work boom coincides with the exponential rate of growth of the freelance sector. According to this report, with the acceptance of remote work by employers, they’re more likely to hire freelancers to fill the gaps they may have in their workforce, showing the unbreakable interrelationship between the two sectors.  

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