5 Last-minute Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas That You Can Still Implement

5 Last-minute Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas That You Can Still Implement
Because the year has just begun, and no major holidays are in sight, it’s important to channel a bit of effort into creating a Valentine’s Day campaign for your business, especially if you were experiencing a little bit of a lull.

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Short as it may be, February can be a month of great earnings for brands that capitalize on the Valentine’s Day festivities. Unlike Christmas, many businesses don’t take time to create campaigns targeted to customers in this season, unwittingly missing out on great sales. To put this into perspective, The Balance reports that in 2018, 2019, and 2020, the spending on Valentine’s day in the U.S was $19.6 billion, $20.7 billion, and $27.4 billion respectively, showing just how important paying attention to this holiday is. Also, because the year has just begun, and no major holidays are in sight, it’s important to channel a bit of effort into creating a Valentine’s campaign for your business, especially if you were experiencing a little bit of a lull. Even if you don’t deal with products directly involved with the holiday, it can be worth your while to serve customers who may be looking to buy more than roses and chocolates for themselves or their loved ones this holiday.

If you had not thought about running some sort of Valentine’s campaign this year, it isn’t too late to look into one now. Since the holiday is a week away, you can throw something together with the help of Ureed.com freelancers to make your customers feel appreciated on that special day. In fact, according to research, most people don’t plan out their Valentine’s shopping ahead like they do other holidays (46% report that they start shopping in the early days of February, with the rest preferring to shop just a few days before), so running a campaign just one week ahead of the actual day is a solid plan.  

Here’s what you can do:

1. Go all out on a Valentine’s theme

A great way to spread the love is to incorporate Valentine themes on your websites and other digital spaces. The same way you pull out all the stops to create a festive mood on your website for holidays like Christmas, you can do the same for this often-overlooked holiday. This will put your customers in a fun mood which might lead to higher conversions. This will also help boost your sales and increase traffic to your website. On Ureed.com you can hire graphic designers, animators, web designers, and artists on demand to help customize your website and products to match whatever you might be promoting. 

2. Run a sale

Nothing pulls at the purse strings more than a good old sale. Since your customers are being lured by many businesses to spend their money during the Valentine’s season, you can make yours stand out by offering a discount. But to make your sale successful, go big on targeted advertising. You can do this by creating a customized email to send to your customers in the days leading up to the holiday. If you aren’t aware of the power of marketing emails, here are some stats for you-  for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the expected average ROI is $42, and 9 out of 10 marketers use email to drive organic sales. 

Team up with one of Ureed.com‘s experts to create powerful, effective and themed emails to help you advertise your Valentine’s sale. With personalized content, you not only appeal to your customer’s holiday spirit but also show that you care about them. 

3. Take advantage of all of your digital channels

As people take their time shopping and sharing their Valentine’s wishes and gifts online, they’ll undoubtedly spend a lot of time browsing through their social media feeds. To capitalize on this, you can take the route of paid advertising with the help of our seasoned PPC experts or create customized graphics for your Valentine’s day posts or interact with your consumers directly by asking them to tag you using a unique hashtag. Whichever way you want to engage your consumers, Ureed.com freelancers are your one-stop-shop.  

Don’t forget your website either. Write relevant blog articles or listicles (think best gifts for a friend, gifts for your mom, etc.) to help your clients as they navigate through the holiday. Content marketing is a tried and tested way to capture the minds and wallets of customers.

But most importantly, ensure your SEO strategy is sound. All your efforts into your campaign will be for naught if nobody sees them, so ensure your freelance SEO experts have all hands on deck.

4. Spread the love

To build consumer trust and loyalty that you can cash-in in the future, give back to the community. Although this may not have a then-and-there impact on your business, it shows that you’re interested in helping the community, a stance that will bear much fruit in days to come. And it doesn’t have to be as bland as “We’re giving money to this charity…” You can make it interesting by involving your audience in your benevolence. You can tell your customers that you’ll donate some amount of money for every amount they spend or you can borrow a leaf from Macy’s engaging campaign of 2013.

5. Accommodate procrastinators

What would Valentine’s be without the rush of trying to get your loved one a gift last minute? Because people don’t get the day off for Valentine’s, they may have a hard time buying gifts on time. Another statistic claims that 60% of Valentines’ shopping happens within 5 days of the 14th. So this can be your niche this holiday- catering to the last-minuters, the I’ll-do-it-laters, and the forgetters. Create social media posts or other digital content that encourages your audience not to shy away from buying gifts just because they’re late. You can add some drama to your campaign by counting down the hours your customers have left to buy their gifts.

Before you go…

Although historically, Valentine’s has focused mostly on couples, the demographic has been shifting in recent years. These days, a good number of people are choosing to spend their money on their friends, family members, themselves, or even their pets to show their love. So, inasmuch as you want to personalize your campaign to your clients’ needs, be sure to generalize the kind of love you’re celebrating so that nobody feels locked out of your campaign.

For Valentines, other holidays, and even your day-to-day needs, Ureed.com is a hub of freelancers prepared to elevate your business to the next level. 

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