Spotify to Let Employees ‘Work From Anywhere’ Permanently

Audio streaming company Spotify is granting its workforce the flexibility of deciding where they would like to work, whether at home or the office, or from any location around the globe.

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Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic remote working has become the norm. As a result, numerous firms have come out in the recent past with some sort of work from home formula for their employees, and music streaming giant Spotify has not been left out of the fray. Following an article from The Verge, the audio streaming company announced on Friday that it will grant its workforce the flexibility of deciding where they would like to work, whether at home or the office and also from any location around the globe.

The move, which has been dubbed “Work From Anywhere” was announced in the company’s corporate blog and gives the employees the freedom to choose whether they would like to work from home full time, work in the office full time, or a blend of the two.  The staff has also been allowed to work from any geographical location, however, with some minor restrictions regarding time zone differences and local laws.  In addition to all this, the company will go the extra mile of supporting those who choose an area without Spotify offices nearby through coworking space memberships if they would prefer an office setup. 

According to the HR blog, the company believes that work is something that an individual does and not necessarily something one goes to the office for. The blog goes on to say that granting the employees the liberty to decide where they would be most comfortable working will enhance their productivity. Moreover, Spotify believes that by operating as a spread out entity, the company will gain the ability to develop better ways of doing things through improved communication and collaboration. As per the company’s blog, “The events of the past year have accelerated our team’s thinking about the future and we believe that the time to start transitioning into becoming a flexible/distributed-first company is NOW and we’re pleased to introduce our Work From Anywhere program for all employees.”

To control the spread of COVID-19, many firms and institutions were forced to switch to some form of remote work to minimize close contact, which is nearly unavoidable in offices. For some, this change in operation was intended to be a short term move, at least until the pandemic was under control. However, many have realized that remote work is the future. For instance, some companies, such as social media behemoth Twitter, have allowed their staff to work from home indefinitely. Moreover,  surveys show that a significant number of individuals who have been working from home involuntarily due to the pandemic have found the exercise to be very productive. As a result, a majority of employees want to continue to working from home permanently or at least for a couple of days during the week. Spotify says that this operation mode will be applied this summer and the decision of how many times, if any, the employees will be required in the office will be made solely on the agreement between employees and their managers.

The Swedish based company joins other tech titans, such as  Microsoft and Salesforce, which have also implemented work from home models. This comes as no surprise though as remote working has proven to be highly beneficial for both the employers and the staff, most important being a bump in productivity

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