4 Most Important Developers You Need to Hire for Your SaaS Startup

4 Most Important Developers You Need to Hire for Your SaaS Startup
Starting a SaaS company can be an uphill task without the right professionals to drive your vision, which is why developers should be an indispensable part of your startup journey.

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Starting a software as a service (SaaS) company can be an uphill task without the right professionals to drive your vision. Even the best ideas can crash and burn if executed poorly, which is why developers should be an indispensable part of your startup journey, especially at the initial stages. Unlike other businesses, the risk of failure in the SaaS industry is incredibly high- this source says that it can be as high as 92%- so you must ensure that the products you offer not only address relevant issues but are also optimally designed. 

This isn’t to say that you don’t need other professionals. Many hands go into making a web-based solutions company a success. You require marketing experts, project managers, business analysts, sales managers, a customer success manager, among a myriad of others. In fact, if you scale your business, you might end up hiring hundreds of people. But if you’re just starting out, it’s important to keep the superfluous hires at bay, and focus on the essential ones since your budget may be limited.

In this blog, we’ll discuss developers: which ones you need for your startup and where you can hire them fast and easy (hint, it’s Ureed.com). At the end of the blog, we’ll also discuss what you should look for in your developers to ensure you hire the people best suited for your company.

Which developers should you hire?


1. UX/UI Developers

Whether your products are B2B or B2C, usability is among the most important factors that you should consider. These two developers, although often banded together, play an important role in optimizing user experience (UX) with a beautiful user interface (UI). These two aspects should be given equal consideration because most startups make the fatal mistake of concentrating on the look of their product, while neglecting functionality. This oftentimes leads to aesthetically pleasing products that are almost useless. When hiring these experts, you must be sure that their skills match your needs. For instance, if your software is to be used on different platforms, e.g. Android, PC, iOS, etc, your designers should be well versed in programming languages relevant to these specific platforms.

2. Web Developers

What makes SaaS companies distinct from other tech companies is that their products are hosted on the providers’ servers instead of the users’, hence their monikers “hosted”, “cloud”, or “web-based” solutions. This is why the provider’s website is so important for the success of its products. For your SaaS business, a website is also key in generating leads and driving sales. To create an effective website, your developer should understand your goals, know how to reduce churn and have experience with conversion optimization.

3. Frontend/Backend Developers

These developers can be considered a subset of web developers because they’re primarily involved with the coding of websites and how they’re viewed by users. 

Front-end developers are responsible for the architecture of the website and how it’s seen and used, from fonts, colors, menus, etc. The developer you choose must be adept at HTML, CSS and JavaScript because they’re the main languages used. 

Back-end developers are the minions who work in the background making everything possible. They deal with the storage of data, and ensure the servers and applications that power the website work seamlessly. They rely on server-side languages like PHP, Java and Python to code. 

Another expert, known as a full-stack developer combines both skills in one, and can be a good alternative for you if you can’t hire both developers.

4. Quality Assurance Engineer

Although this professional isn’t strictly a developer, they work side by side with development teams to ensure that your products  meet quality standards and other specifications through a loop of assessment and feedback. Without this professional, it will be difficult to know how well your products hold up against market expectations. Quality testing is especially important for startups because they have very little margin for error. Your QA expert of choice should be involved in the development process from the start, so they can help identify and solve any problems that crop up early on.

How do you choose the right developers for your startup?

  1. They should possess the skills you need for your business. Great freelancer profiles on Ureed.com give a brief description of their knowledge and experience, so there can be no confusion as you hire. You can also filter your search so that the profiles shown to you are only those that are relevant.
  2. Look at their portfolios and read through their reviews. You should use this tip when recruiting all your new hires. Their previous relationships with their clients should be a guide as to what kind of service to expect. The portfolio section, on the other hand,  allows the freelancer to showcase their work, so you can assess whether it meets your criteria.
  3. They should be up-to-date with the latest technologies and have a deep understanding of the industry. It is not just enough for your developer to know how to code, they should also know how the SaaS market works and keep up with advancements, so they can advise you accordingly. When freelancers make a pitch for projects on Ureed.com, they’re allowed some space to express why they’d be a good fit for you. Use this section to assess whether the freelancers you’re considering have what it takes to meet your goals.

The Takeaway

The SaaS market is a booming one. According to experts, by 2026, its value is expected to reach USD 307.3 billion. But however large it is, new entries into the market have a hard time finding success, with less than 10% surviving their first 3 years. This is why SaaS startups should invest their time and resources in creating worthwhile products that will attract both users and investors. The first step in achieving this is hiring a capable team of developers with a wide range of experience leading SaaS startups to success. On Ureed.com, you’ll find not only top class developers but many other professionals that you may need on your path to conquering the market.

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