How Freelancing on Helped Me Create a CV Packed with Experience Before Graduating

How Freelancing on Helped Me Create a CV Packed with Experience Before Graduating
Because of, when so many of my college friends were still figuring themselves out, I had already built a strong career foundation as a content writer.

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I wrote a lot while I was in school, in fact, it was so enjoyable that I was even wiling to write my other classmates’ essay assignments for them. A lot of my friends, teachers, and relatives thought I was eventually going to become a writer, but I didn’t; I wasn’t convinced it would be the right fit for me. After all, has anyone ever heard of an average writer with a promising career that isn’t JK Rowling? I sure haven’t, at least not at the time.

Long story short, I went on to pursue a bachelor’s in translation studies, hoping it would land me a lucrative job and something close to writing, and flushed whatever hope I had left of making any use of my writing skills down the drain. It wasn’t until 2018 that I got a call from, and also my first writing commission.

I was tasked with a simple job: write one blog post per week and have it sent to a client. As a nineteen-year-old who’s never earned a dime in her life, I was both ecstatic and thrilled—not only have I finally found a job that was more aligned with my existing skillset, but I also saw it as a gateway to potential career in writing.

Freelancing as a College Student

That client stuck around for well over a year, which I spent writing a single, 500-word blog post on Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership on a weekly basis. I could write blog posts over the weekend or whenever was convenient for me at the time, and then send it to the client by the mutually agreed-upon deadline.

So now, I was holding down a job that I enjoyed, and I had the freedom to do it whenever I wanted. I wasn’t tied down to a typical, 9–5 work window and it felt wonderful.

Month after month, I was assigned more and more projects by One project after another, I was seeing my resume growing and improving at a rate way faster than I, a college student, ever thought possible.

It was almost like I spent all those years in college working a part-time job, when it barely felt like a job at all—I wasn’t obligated to start or leave at a certain time nor was I required to work in one place for eight hours. I didn’t have to go to a formal workplace to get the job done after a long day at school, nor did I have one scrutinizing my every move or giving me tasks that I didn’t want to do.

What I loved so much about freelancing was that I got to do work on my own terms; I only picked out the projects that I wanted to do, and worked on them at a pace I felt was suitable. As a freelancer, I quickly learned that you’re no one’s employee—you work for yourself, and you work with clients not for clients.

Soon enough, my career path had started to take shape, and it didn’t involve becoming a translator.

A few years went by and I was still landing both short-term and long-term gigs on’s platform, all the while I studied in college and even during my senior year when I was writing up my thesis. I would spend weekends and weekday evenings providing my writing services to clients and scouring for new clients.

Fresh out of College with a Substantial Client Base

When I graduated from college in early 2020, I immediately went all in and began freelancing as a full-time job. I became more actively involved on, set up my very own professional freelancer website, and updated my LinkedIn profile. When so many of my college friends were still figuring themselves out, I had already built a strong career foundation as a content writer and aspiring novelist.

And having gained a lot of remote work experience over the past couple of years, I wasn’t fazed by the slow workplace transition the whole world was going through in early 2020 when the pandemic started. Being a freelance writer and college student had helped improve my time management skills and increased my sense of accountability, putting me at a huge advantage as a fresh graduate looking for decent work during the global crisis and in a suffering job market. has given me the golden opportunity to start a writing career I never thought I could have in my early years of adulthood. A career that I didn’t think would be lucrative enough or fulfilling, ended up being the complete opposite. All thanks to that one call I got from in 2018 that completely change the course of my career for the better.

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