More intuitive functions, detailed profiles & UI enhancements in our latest update

New integrations & features help make users’ online collaboration experience more productive and efficient.

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Welcome to’s release notes! This is where you can find everything that’s new with from one month to the next, from new features to bug fixes and integrations. 

New integrations: Google Places!

With Google Places, we were able to bring you a faster, more accurate way of adding your location to help make communication between freelancers and employers – especially on location-based projects – much easier. Freelancers can now type any location – whether it’s their neighborhood, district or even building! – and Google Places will automatically show several options in the drop-down menu.

New automations for a more effortless user experience

  • Freelancers will be able to choose from a shortened list of deliverables that only relates to the skills they’ve selected, instead of having to browse through a long list of deliverables relating to all of the skills on the platform.
  • When selecting a degree in the Educational History section, freelancers will now receive automated suggestions in the drop-down menu instead of having to manually input the degree title.

Profile creation: more details for better communication

  • Communication between freelancers & employers is important. That’s why we’ve made sure that freelancers are able to share with their clients their preferred language of communication when completing their profiles.

Bug fixes ?

  • We’ve tweaked our UI to ensure the online collaboration process is smooth and easy on the eye, starting from sending & viewing offers, to the contract.
  • We’ve ensured that freelancers can input their full name correctly on their profile by adjusting the profile creation process.
  • Freelancers don’t have to input the dd/mm/yy when adding the start and end dates of their educational history & work experience. We’ve changed the requirement to mm/yy for easier application. 


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