10 Must-Listen Podcasts About Freelancing

As a freelancer, engaging with content from other freelancers can be a great pick-me-up when you need motivation, help you make the most of your career and open you up to new opportunities as you learn what others do differently and draw lessons from their journeys. 

As a busy freelancer, it’s pretty simple to weave in podcasts into your schedule because you can listen from virtually anywhere, so it wouldn’t stop you from going about the rest of your day as say, reading or watching a YouTube video would. Plus, most podcasts are free on podcast platforms like Spotify and Google Podcasts, so you won’t have to pay a subscription if you don’t mind hearing the odd ad now and again.

There are a ton of podcasts about freelancing on the internet, so you’ll be spoilt for choice if you decide to listen. But to make your work easier, we’ve curated this list of podcasts we think stand out from the rest. 

1. Freelance To Founder

The podcast is co-hosted by two freelancers who turned their gigs into successful ventures. What’s a better way to learn how you can turn your operation into a big business than from people who’ve actually done it? Join Preston and Clay every week for a dose of real-world, practical business advice that’ll help steer you in the right direction.

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2. Being Freelance

This podcast has a whopping 16 seasons- so you know it’s good! Each season, the host Steven Folland brings together a bunch of freelancers working in different fields to share their lessons, struggles and joys of working in the gig industry. The seasons aren’t canon- so you can start from any episode of any season and listen to Steve and his guests chat and joke about what it’s like being your own boss.

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts  or the Being Freelance website.

3. The 6-Figure Freelancer Podcast

True to its name, the podcast is hosted by Avani Miriyala, who makes 6+ figures working as a freelancer. Each weekly episode is packed with gems on how to find success as a freelancer, from money management and setting goals to dealing with clients and even helpful advice about how you can transition to full-time freelancing. Avani’s goal is to “give you the tools you need to work less, add massive value to great clients, make a whole lot of money and love your dream life.”

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4. Project Freelance

Hosted by musician, photographer and filmmaker, K Enagonio, Project Freelance is for freelancers that work in the creative space. Although some episodes offer advice that touches on freelancing in general, most episodes see the host invite a successful freelancer to offer tips into niche fields like music production, portrait photography, and digital art.

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5. The Side Hustle Show

Are you looking to venture into a new field or want to learn how you can manage your current gigs for optimum productivity and return? Listen to the Side Hustle Show. Each week the host extracts actionable tips and strategies from successful entrepreneurs to keep you informed and entertained.

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6. Out of Office Podcast

Created and hosted by freelance writer and author of Out of Office: Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss, this podcast is packed with great advice and good humour about freelancing, and touches on sensitive topics like mental health, therapy, burnout and setting boundaries. This podcast is a highly-rated, all-round gem that will show you how you can bring that much-needed work life balance into your freelancing journey.

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7. Deliberate Freelancer

This podcast also takes a keen interest in the wellness of a freelancer while giving salient advice about surviving the cut-throat world of solo-entrepreneurship. With episodes like “How to Recognize and Overcome Perfection”, “Firing Clients and Taking Control of Your Schedule” and “How and Why to Say No”, the host and her guests look into ways of making you a successful freelancer without losing yourself in the job, as most of us tend to do.

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8. The Freelance Podcast

This podcast is for those who want to make a leap, whether it’s moving to full-time freelancing, scaling up or starting a solo-venture. The podcast has a clear focus on new or new-ish freelancers who need advice as they start their journey because according to the host, most of the content available caters to those who are a little further into their freelance journey. New episodes every week.

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9. The 15-Minute Freelancer

If you’re on the prowl for bite-sized, informative content, The 15-Minute Freelancer podcast is for you. The host gives you a behind-the-scenes look into what it means to be your own boss and shows you how you can build a successful business on your terms.

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10. Optimal Living Daily

To close off this list, is a podcast that’s not really about freelancing, but that brings together content that can make you more productive hence, a better freelancer. In each episode, the host reads book excerpts or blog posts in under 10 minutes about productivity, building healthy habits, wellness, happiness and minimalism. This podcast is great for anyone looking for a quick boost of motivation into their day or looking for wisdom from self-improvement experts.

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or the OLD Website 

Happy Listening!

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