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Best ways to choose the right price for your freelance work

Best ways to choose the right price for your freelance work


Best ways to choose the right price for your freelance work

Plenty of people can’t figure out how to choose the right price for their work, especially if we are talking about those who are making their first steps into this field not knowing the ins and outs of freelance work. So, in this article, we will offer some useful tips on how to choose a suitable price or figure out the required rate for your freelance work if you are a writer/blogger.

This article will go over the main points of how to choose the right price for your freelance work; and this goes especially for bloggers. But before going over these points, let’s, first of all, define what freelancing means.


Freelancing is the type of work or services carried out by individuals or entities acting on their own behalf and referred to as “independent contractors” or “freelancers”. Now, let me show you some of the most important points and aspects to look for when choosing the right price for your business as a writer or blogger.

  • What type of article is it?

Many may wonder about the “types” of articles and what this term refers to. So basically, when writing about poetry, the article is considered a “literary” article; and when an article is about a certain medicine, then the article is considered “medical”; and this has an impact on the price of the article. So, whenever the subject of the article is of good quality; that means the suggested price to get it done is high.

  • What’s the article content and what tools were used to write it?

When you start writing an article, you have to think specifically about selecting the content of the article and the tools used such as images, videos…etc.

For example, when writing an article about a service provided by a company, you must include the company’s logo and provide some information or a special video about the company to showcase the service it provides. This may be easily available if the company provides clear information about itself, but it could be quite challenging if the company doesn’t provide that information. This impacts the content and the composition of the article. The more tools used to write the article, the higher the cost required to complete it. Therefore, these elements become essential factors in choosing the right price for your work.

  • What’s the article’s language?

When you start writing or blogging, you should get to know the language and the interests of your target audience. Knowing your readers makes a hell of a difference because you will be addressing a specific category of the audience when you write your article. Your employer may ask for this, along with the way you use easy and understandable terms and phrases to write the article. Such things shape your work and determine the right price for your work.

  • How long did it take to write?

The amount of time we spend working is one of the most important aspects of our life, especially for the self-employed. The higher quality and accuracy rates in accomplishing the work required from you, the more trusted you will be by your employers and the higher your ratings will be. This will also impact the volume of your work, as the demand for your work will grow. This is very important in blogging, especially when you are asked to write an article on a certain topic within a short time. So, by taking into consideration the previous points and studying them, you can as a blogger estimate the time spent on writing any article. Time is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing the right price for your work.

Those were some of the points to be considered when choosing the right price for your work, especially in the field of blogging, where reports and global studies show that the demand for bloggers has increased drastically in the last 5 years.