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Pretty much everyone in the world owns a phone or two, whether it’s a Samsung, or an iPhone. Hence, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ve all downloaded a bunch of applications; games, social media, maps, etc.

Keeping up with trends, social media and applications have become a routine in our daily lives. We want to be updated with everyone, and everything going on around us, and we need all the apps we can get to do so.

It’s pretty much difficult to leave the house nowadays without our phones. Now you can listen to music, talk to your friends, navigate your way around a city, order a cab, search on Google—all while on the go!

And it’s all just one tap away! In the future, with virtual reality, it might be one blink of an eye away, who knows!

For the present, these apps, whether on the app store or Google Play store, have helped organize my life in more ways than one; each in its own way:


WhatsApp has made communication with people and friends all over the world so much easier. Work, family, and social emergencies can be easily communicated even if you’re in different time zones. With a freelance career, like copywriting for example where communication with clients is ongoing round-the-clock, WhatsApp has become the most useful to me with its voice notes, video calls and audio calls with fast responses going back and forth!


This photo-sharing, social networking app has made sharing my daily life part of my routine; from Instagram stories, to sharing posts here and there. I can easily be updated with my friends’ lives even when they’re miles away from me.

Being up-to-date with trends, news, clothing, and products just by scrolling and clicking. I have to say since Instagram, any type of influencer played a role in my online life.


When I’m on the go, and want to listen to a new song right away or even find an online instruction manual for something I just bought or would want to use in the future, YouTube is the answer. Its fast viewing feature is a plus!

Google Maps

When I’m trying to find my way around a new country, or trying to find a restaurant or store, Google Maps has made navigation easier. Nowadays, can you imagine a life without Google Maps and its live GPS? Impossible! Not only that, it also provides transportation options and gives an estimated time, this way I can’t be late for anything!


Uber is one app that accommodates to my fear of driving! Yes, you heard that right!

It helps me get from place to place by just clicking “book now” and a few minutes later, a driver is at my doorstep. Transportation has never felt easier, safer and hassle-free! And it’s also available worldwide.


Being updated with my emails never felt so quick and easy. With the Gmail app, I don’t miss an email whether I’m on the go, or abroad, or even at home. With just a click, and a scroll down, emails are updated right away. Gmail has made my mind worry free, well at least regarding my emails! (Even with all the available modern applications, we all still send emails to ourselves to preserve our important documents and the million drafts for our blog posts).



Being in touch with my friends has never been more fun and creative. I can send pictures, videos, and messages instantly wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. Filters have made this funnier, lighter, and addictive. Not only this, but the augmented reality future of apps like snapchat makes it all more exciting. I mean, if you haven’t gotten attached to the dog filter, did you even use snapchat?