Everything You Need to Know About Video Game Localization
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Everything You Need to Know About Video Game Localization

Earlier this year, Fortnite gamers launched a hashtag on social media platforms that read #ForniteMiddleEastServers. The hashtag, which went viral on social media, was deployed in an effort to urge Epic Games Company to provide Fortnite servers for the Middle East.

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Rebecca Byrne

Friend, Foe, or Frenemy: Technology and Productivity

Waiting in line for your coffee; sitting at a table when a lull in conversation occurs; stuck at a seemingly interminable traffic light (shame on you!); as a distraction or reward after dealing with a difficult client at work; the list goes on, and on, and on. We’re always checking our Facebook, scrolling through our Instagram feeds, Snapchatting mundane occurrences, and texting. Even for less frivolous pursuits, our lives are inextricably tied to technology. Meetings are arranged, spreadsheets consulted, presentations delivered, video conferences conducted, and documents scanned on phones, laptops, and iPads. For all intents and purposes, one or more of these devices are necessities of the modern world.

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Machine Translation, Artificial Intelligence and their Market’s Needs

Globalization and technology have revolutionized the international workforce. While most of the outcomes are positive, there are a few quirks that still need solving for. One thing that needs to be resolved is language processing and translation. These methods have improved throughout the last seventy years. Yet, there seems to always be more that technology and AI can do to perfect the machine translation process. When it comes to international business, a constant struggle is being able to effectively translate documents in a timely manner.

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Go To Apps

Pretty much everyone in the world owns a phone or two, whether it’s a Samsung, or an iPhone. Hence, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ve all downloaded a bunch of applications; games, social media, maps, etc.

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Artificial Intelligence from Space

You may have seen sci-fi movies like Ex Machina and started fantasizing about Artificial Intelligence (AI) toppling humanity; the apocalypse of the robots. Some may have also jumped up and told you this is just a fantasy that can never happen in real life. Yet, what if aliens invaded our planet earth and sent highly intelligent machines to take control over it? Seems farfetched? Not in NieR: Automata, it’s not!

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Augmented Reality The future of Social Media

The way we see and present our world is changing year on year with phenomenal technologies and inventions. The Wii Movement sensors, The Social Media craze, Snapchat/Instagram Face Filters, 360 degree-photos, Virtual reality etc. Each technology leads to another and brings about more features to previous versions and now thanks to Augmented reality we are able to insert an overlay of virtual and digital information into the real world. (OK, we’re not only talking about that dog filter on Snapchat!) Augmented reality is also used in various other fields such as Retail, Gaming, Tourism and Social Media.

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New Type of Reality: Virtual Reality

What we see in sci-fi movies is now becoming a reality. With virtual reality, our physical environment is transferred to a virtual and artificial world. This new type of reality can be seen in different areas including games, military training, and even when marketing new products. Companies are racing to invest in this new reality to promote their products to a wider audience with lower costs.

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Most interesting online games in 2017

2017 has ended, and it is time to select the most interesting online games of 2017. Last year, the online gaming sector has been quite productive. Whether they are single-player or multiplayer, we have gathered the most popular and intriguing online games. All you need is a good internet connection and a working computer. Sit back and choose one of these online games we have gathered for you, and enjoy!

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