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Passion Economy: For a Passionate Workforce

If you look around you, you will find that the traditional avenues to make money have almost disappeared.


If you look around you, you will find that the traditional avenues to make money have almost disappeared. In yesterday’s marketplace, employers would mostly focus on the narrow service range they offered. Individuality was flattened to ensure consistency and standardization.

In today’s digital world, you can make millions of dollars from the comfort of your couch, all thanks to your individuality. No need for capital, no need for resources, only talent and passion are required.

To put it in simple words: the future of work is shifting towards a new paradigm, known as The Passion Economy. Yes, you read that correctly. An economy built purely on passion.

So what exactly is happening?

In yesterday’s economy, creativity was used to homogenize services and products. Consumers wanted narrow services and products of quality and providers wanted liquidity. This model was convenient for everyone.

Today, this model is no longer convenient. This is because that same creativity can be used to garner a larger audience and to earn more, much more. In other words, the economy no longer seeks flat and homogenic services; the economy is seeking passion, individuality and definitely not homogeneity.

Today’s digital platforms and startups are smart. They have noticed that a new model of entrepreneurship is born, one that’s tech-powered but more importantly passion-powered. As such, they have become large in scale and super diverse: from offering manufactured physical products and virtual learning and teaching courses to creating personalized videos. You name it.

Businesses are now growing, without the need for app builders, complex coding systems or an overpriced talent pool of software engineers. Millions, wherever they are around the world and no matter what their level of qualifications is, can now pursue careers that capitalize on their individuality and unique passions. Anyone, in the Passion Economy, can become an entrepreneur.

In 2017, Nour Al Hassan joined the Passion Economy with her digital platform, Ureed.com. Ureed.com allows its users to hire expert freelance content writers and translators on demand. Talent, as the platform frames it, made accessible just one click away. With no office space, Nour was able to utilize the unique skills of translators and content creators in the marketplace, granting them a job from the comfort of their sofas.


The model of passion economy was thus convenient for both Ureed.com’s users and providers. It builds a sustainable audience and ensures a sustainable revenue, while still making sure that individuality is preserved and that the services provided remain as creative and of quality. You would think that within this fast and highly dynamic model of passion economy, the relationship between the consumer and provider is gone. In reality, it’s not. Ureed.com’s platform encourages direct interaction between the service provider and the client, and it is thanks to the loyalty established that the business can keep on growing.

Nour and her fellow entrepreneurs were smart enough to understand that in today’s passion economy, all it takes to earn a livelihood and succeed in a highly dynamic business environment is one thing: to be a passionate individual.

Passion Economy: For A Passionate Workforce
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Passion Economy: For A Passionate Workforce
Everything you need to know about today's Passion Economy. What is it? How does it work? And how to join this new paradigm?