Content Writing Services: The Ultimate List

Content Writing Services: The Ultimate List
When people say that “content is king,” they aren’t saying it out of habit–they’re saying because it’s proven to be true. Many marketers and brands have relied upon content to help their marketing and branding strategies and have witnessed the difference it’s made for their businesses.

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When people say that “content is king,” they aren’t saying it out of habit–they’re saying because it’s proven to be true. Many marketers and brands have relied upon content to help their marketing and branding strategies and have witnessed the difference it’s made for their businesses.

Without a strong foundation of content, you will never be able to push your leads to become customers. Brand success and recognition depend, in large part, on a company’s ability to secure good content writing services. After all, content is the foundation of ads, landing pages, social media accounts, web pages, blogs, explanatory promoted videos, etc.

All marketers have agreed on a primary theme when it comes to content, which is “consistency.” Ask yourself: do you have what it takes to achieve hit this target? Do you have the in-house ability to cope with all of the requirements for producing quality content? If not, then you should consider outsourcing content writing services.

Why is outsourcing writing services good for your business?

Limited budget

Starting a business can be rewarding, but it’s also expensive. The amount of money needed to launch a business from scratch leaves business owners with little to no budget to hire a full-time employee to manage marketing and branding. If hiring an in-house content team is beyond your budget, consider delegating content creation to agencies or freelancers. This is often a cost-effective option.

Obtaining a different point-of-view

What are the benefits of your product? How does it differ from others in the market? What do you offer in the way of after sale service? All of these points need to be conveyed in convincing language in order to resonate with your desired target audience.

An external eye from outside of your company can be the key. A seasoned freelancer will know how to describe these features in a language that customers find persuasive. An external content writer can offer a fresh perspective on all of your company’s products and services.

Getting the benefit of professionally written content

Poorly written pieces of content can repel customers and lessen their confidence in your product and brand. On the other hand, professional, polished content will attract customers to your brand and elevate your standing in their eyes as a market leader. They will, in turn, trust and respect what your company has to offer.

Receiving quality content on a fixed time basis

As we pointed out before, consistency is the key when it comes to content production. Outsourcing your content activities to content writing agencies and freelancers will help you achieve the quantity that you want. Just remember to have a written agreement outlining all desired parameters so that you don’t have to worry about unclear expectations.

What types of content services should be outsourced?

Social Media

Social media serves as the base of any promotion plan. Living in this fast-paced technological era, we need more than ever a means of communicating and engaging with targeted audiences. When creating a content strategy, the most important objectives are: connecting, engaging, and creating bonds and relationships with customers. One of the main tools to achieve these goals is social media.

Content-writing agencies who employ experts offer more than just consistent plans. Oftentimes, they will also run promotions and schedule posts.

You may be asking, “Why bother hiring an expert? Everyone understands what Facebook is.” The fact of the matter is, social media is used in an incredibly nuanced way, and what works on one platform isn’t always transferable to another. What works for a Facebook page won’t necessarily resonate with people on Linkedin. As such, it’s very important to hire someone who is well-versed in the subtle differences between social media platforms and can create content tailored to these differences.

If your business needs social media copy that stands out, you can always search for social media content creation freelancers from around the globe.


The cornerstone of any content plan is blogs. A recent study from HubSpot showed that B2Bs that used blogs in a consistent way–at least 16 times per month–got 4.5 more leads than those who blogged less often. To obtain comparable results, the blogs you produce for your brand need to be consistent, high-quality, and infused with a tone of leadership that builds trust.

Web Pages

This section is all about your onsite content. Think web pages, landing pages, about pages, description pages, etc.

Think of online content in terms of bridges and roads; it will take your audience to the ultimate destination–conversion.

Solid web pages composed by professional copywriters will eventually serve as a welcoming ground for your audience and will lead them to take action.

Email Content

A well-targeted, persuasive, and relevant email can work wonders for your ROI. Go through the different types of email copies, and choose what’s best according to your business needs

This list of copywriting and content creation services can serve as a good starter for your business content needs. Delegating these services to professional content agencies or expert freelancers–such as the experts on ureed’s platform–can help you achieve your business goals in a short time and in a cost-effective way.


What does a content writer do?

A content writer comes up with informative or entertaining content that builds and improves the brand-consumer relationship.

What is content writing example?

Content writing can include, but not limited to, writing blog posts, email marketing campaigns, and website copies.

Where can I find content writers?

There are plenty of online platforms where you can hire freelance content writers such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Ureed.

How do I start a website content?

First, define your audience and then speak their language. Keep your text short and to the point while using the inverted pyramid technique to make sure readers go through the most important information first.

How do you write website content?

Figure out your audience and offer them what they’re looking for in the form of content. Use the inverted pyramid method in which the most important pieces of information are introduced at the beginning for website visitors to grasp.

How do I start content writing?

Invest in developing your writing skills, keep practicing, and offer your writing services to friends and family for free to build a portfolio. As you improve, start pitching your work to potential clients until you land a gig.

How much does it cost to write website content?

For a website that contains five pages, including the homepage, it could cost around USD 205 to write content for the website. That’s in addition to 5% of that for the payment processing fee.

How much should you charge for a 500 word article?

The rate depends on the writer’s level of expertise and the amount of research required for the required topic. On average, website writers would charge around USD 83 per hour or USD 0.86 per word.

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