How to Hire the Best Blog Ghostwriters

How to Hire the Best Blog Ghostwriters
Are you looking to hire blog ghostwriters and wondering where the ideal candidates are hiding? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place; this read’s for you. Or, if you’re unsure as to why your business could benefit from a blog in the first place, also read along!

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Are you looking to hire blog ghostwriters and wondering where the ideal candidates are hiding? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place; this read’s for you. Or, if you’re unsure as to why your business could benefit from a blog in the first place, also read along!

Why Is Blogging a Great Deal?

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for years, you’re probably quite aware that blogging is pretty popular. I mean, it’s 2019 after all. Blogging, however, has turned from functioning as an online diary to a powerful marketing tool for businesses. So, here’s why you should consider it.

  • Provide valuable content
    A blog can serve as an educational platform to which people return again and again. A captivating blog can turn one-time visitors into frequent readers and customers.
  • Drive more traffic to your website
    Valuable, quality content will benefit readers. People who have derived benefit from the information contained in your blogs are likely to become avid readers and followers. You’ll then be able to divert that traffic to your product or service’s main website. That might enhance your sales, as well as your organic reach and traffic.
  • Build positive rapport
    If you offer something useful to your target audience and as you prove your expertise in the area in which you’re operating, you’ll build trust. This will strengthen your reputation and overall customer relationship.
  • Rank higher on search engines
    By creating a blog and posting on it frequently, relevant industry keywords will pop on your page. In other words, your site will be increasingly SEO-friendly, making it rank higher on search engines results. This way, your product or service will be seen more frequently by interested parties or individuals

What Is a Blog Ghostwriter?

Now that you’ve learned how having a blog can optimize your business, you should take two steps. One, hire a web developer to build your blog; or build it yourself if you can. And two, hire a blog ghostwriter. That’s where we come in.
Managing a business is not easy, and running a blog on the side is nearly impossible, especially if you have no team. It’s not just that you need to dedicate plenty of time to ensure that you publish consistently, but you also need pro writing skills and SEO knowledge. By hiring a blog ghostwriter, your problems would be solved. But where to find and how to hire one?

Before delving into that, let’s first establish what a blog ghostwriter is. A ghostwriter is basically a writer specifically hired to create content for the author and doesn’t claim credit for the work. You can learn more about ghostwriting here. As you might guess, a blog ghostwriter is one who is hired to create appealing blog posts with your brand’s style and target audience in mind. He/she should be working on positioning your brand through the blog and its contents.

What to Look for in a Blog Ghostwriter?

Remember, if you’re looking to hire a blog ghostwriter, then you’re aiming for the best! But how can you find one? Here are four key factors you need to look for in a suitable candidate.

  • Experienced writer
    Number one on the list is that you must hire someone who has excellent writing skills, someone who can tell a compelling story with his or her magical words. Your blog ghostwriter shouldn’t just be a great English writer, with zero grammatical or spelling errors; he or she must be able to create captivating content. In other words, your writer’s blog posts should grab readers’ attention from the very first paragraph, and then keep that attention.
  • SEO knowledge
    The blog ghostwriter you hire must have some SEO expertise under his or her belt. After all, your aim is to be found on search engines and to rank high enough to gain organic traffic. Imagine having a piece written up that might be compelling yet not SEO-friendly. All of the hard work that went into writing the piece will be for nothing.
  • Match with your tone of voice
    No matter how good that writer is, he or she is not the right candidate to consider if he or she does not grasp your brand identity. This person will be your brand’s voice, so his or her blog posts must sound like you. Make sure your blog ghostwriter has an understanding of your tone of voice and style and can convey your brand persona in the blog posts.
  • Research skills
    Just like your tone of voice is important, research skills are just as crucial. After all, this is what will enable the blog ghostwriter to demonstrate expertise in the relevant area.

Now it’s time to actually go find the perfect candidate. Ureed offers a wide array of professional writers that can get the job done for you. All you need to do is head over to the website, sign up, and let the headhunting begin!


How much money do ghost writers make?

A ghostwriter’s rate can vary according to his/her experience, the fame of the client/author, the completion time of the project, and the topic and length of the book. A beginner can charge around USD 5,000, while an experienced ghostwriter can charge up to USD 50,000 if the client is famous.

Are ghost writers credited?

Ghostwriters are hired to produce literary work on behalf of the author without being given credits.

Do you need a ghostwriter?

If you lack time or if you’re unable to produce literary content, you might need a ghostwriter.

Why do people use ghostwriters?

If an author is unable to produce literary work for whatever reason or lacks time to produce it, he/she may consider hiring a ghostwriter to do it for them.

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