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Bloggers and How They Hugely Impact Society


Not many people understand the power and benefits of blogging. It’s true that a few years ago there weren’t that many bloggers to begin with, at some point in time they didn’t even exist. However, in today’s world, there are millions of blogs that were established either by companies, big or small, or average people looking for a way to express themselves online.

It’s such an amazing concept that sometimes you even wonder; what is so impactful about blogs? What benefits are they adding to society or the bloggers themselves? Let me just give you a brief list of one of the many benefits and impacts of blogs.

1) Blogs Help You Expand Your Network

Bloggers and How They Hugely Impact Society

“The richest people in the world build networks; everyone else is trained to look for work”. Thank you, Robert Kiyosaki, (author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’) for giving an insightful input on one of the mistakes young entrepreneurs and the unemployed make; they’re not networking enough, so building a blog could be your ticket to finding unique opportunities and even landing a job. Field specific blogs help you attract potential employers or even sponsors.

2) Blogs Help You Build Useful Skills

Many websites like WordPress make it easy for a person to blog without learning all the techy parts of making one. But sometimes you might learn to use certain HTML and CSS codes to add graphics or other elements to your website instead of paying someone to do it for you. Well, what do you know? You just picked up a skill you never thought of learning before you even started a blog! The same goes to other blog-related skills like graphic design, social media marketing and content creation.

3) Blogs Help You Spread Awareness

Blogs Help You Spread Awareness

Is there a topic or a certain subject matter you wish other media outlets would shed light on? Guess what? You don’t need to wait for someone to write an article, column or journal about the topic that interests you, you can do that all by yourself by establishing a blog of your own! Talk about the things that interest you or the things you’re passionate about that you wish you could see more of on the internet.

4) Blogs Help You Improve Your Writing Skills

Want a quick and easy way you can improve on your writing skills? Blogging is a great way to not only build on your writing skills, but also a way of getting feedback on your writing. It also gives you space to share your writings with other bloggers or regular people looking for something good to read.

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5) Blogs Help You Become Influential

5) Blogs Help You Become Influential

Yes, I know, you could become a politician, activist or a famous person to gain people’s attention and win their trust, but let’s be honest here, what are the chances that you could become the next Oprah? In the near past, my answer could’ve been an easy ‘very unlikely’, but with the blogging world of today, my answer has changed to a ‘highly likely’. Since so many people are online nowadays and much of their reading is on the internet now, it’s easy to gain the respect and trust of a wide audience of people and to become just as successful as all the other big-shot authors and public figures.

Like I said, it’s easy to make a blog and say that you ‘have one’, but it takes hard work and dedication to get to the top of your game. Once you start constantly making posts and blogging, your blog will turn into an impressive demonstration of what you can do or your knowledge in a certain subject or field.

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