A day in the life of a writer

Each writer follows a different routine or ritual to get their writing flow going. But let’s be real, all of us writers out there have one thing in common, we have a ritual, and we tend to suffer from writer’s block from time to time.

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Freelance: 4 Work & Travel Abroad Programs for Professionals

You may have heard of a new term being thrown around, gripping the attention of a newly liberated and worldly curious generation: the ‘digital nomad’ phenomenon. The title ‘digital nomad’ has been roaming around lately, bouncing off conversations, apparent on our social media feeds, and written about in blogs.

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One Thing You Should Really Invest in as a Freelancer

Let’s be honest with ourselves here; having a freelancing career has a lot of ups, but it also has its fair share of downs too. You can “go to work” in your PJs if you want to. Yay! But wait, you don’t get paid vacations or any other benefits that usually come with a regular desk job. Boo…

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Creative Writing as a Freelance Job

Everybody has their own set of talents that can be put to use to make some cash. Some people have a knack for pottery and sell their products online and others like to bake and thus open up their own pastry shop for example.

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How to Get Started as a Freelancer

Overwhelming numbers of freelancers are emerging nowadays, mainly due to the fact that freelancing jobs are becoming more and more popular by the year. Think about it, why feel like you’re limited to the company you’re working for? You’re a human being with passions, ambitions and dreams ready to be unleashed, so why limit yourself to a fixed lifestyle?

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Freelancing is Key

“Hmm, how do I knock down the old ‘5 years of experience’ barrier when I’ve only just graduated?” is something you might be wondering to yourself. As soon as you start thinking that you nailed a job interview, you get the dreaded email, you know the one, we’ve all gotten them, “…we’re sorry, we’re looking for someone with more experience”. But if they never hire you, you’ll never get experience, it’s this nightmare-ish Catch 22. So if you still think that it’s all sweet and dandy, that jobs are ripe for the picking when you’re fresh off the campus life, think again.

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What Do Startups Look For When Hiring?

What Do Startups Look for When Hiring?

Startups look beyond just what you put down in your resume to give you a job. Sometimes, they may even bypass more experienced candidates to go with fresh blood or pick non-college educated applicants over graduates.