The shape of an ideal translator’s CV

There is no doubt that acquiring the talent is a key factor for success in any domain, translation is one strong example. Talent, experience, word-craft, and an instinct feeling for languages are some qualities that make you the sought-after translator.

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Beware of the Common Mistakes of Medical Translators!

Translation is a complex profession in its own right. You’re not only transforming words from a source language to a target language, but you’re also trying to get the author’s ideas and points across in a manner that is understandable, readable and clear to the target audience. Some translation jobs are, however, more demanding than others; and one translation job is particularly difficult; it is medical translation.

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Freelancer 101: How to Rock At What You Do

The nice thing about freelancing is that virtually anyone could do it! Are you a regular employee with a knack for creative writing? A bilingual family-guy looking for another source of income for your family? Or maybe just a person fresh out of college with a translation degree and don’t know where to start? Freelancing’s always a nice option to start with.

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5 Tell-tale Signs Your Company Needs to Outsource Recruitment

5 Tell-tale Signs Your Company Needs to Outsource Recruitment Now

In this digital age, where companies are acquiring talent across borders, maintaining in-house recruitment can quickly become an arduous and sometimes risky endeavor. Outsourcing offers an expedited solution to hiring the best employees at competitive rates at less than half the time.