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The complete guide for freelancers to sharpen their translation skills, keep up with the newest translation trends, optimize their translation for various industries and more.

Top 5 Translation & Interpreting Schools

With increasing globalization and inextricably linked economies, cross-lingual communication has become a ubiquitous part of most companies’ daily operations. Statistics support this conclusion. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that between 2016 to 2026, the rate of employment for interpreters and translators will jump by a staggering 18%.

Freelancer 101: How to Rock At What You Do

The nice thing about freelancing is that virtually anyone could do it! Are you a regular employee with a knack for creative writing? A bilingual family-guy looking for another source of income for your family? Or maybe just a person fresh out of college with a translation degree and don’t know where to start? Freelancing’s always a nice option to…