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How To Choose The Perfect Images For Your E-Commerce Business

How To Choose The Perfect Images For Your E-Commerce Business


Avoiding lineups, pushy salespeople, getting to the store, and fighting for a parking spot are a few of the many perks of online shopping. However, one specific perk that soars above all else is seeing the item you’re eyeing pictured in all its glory, and from all angles, luring you to click a button and add it to your shopping cart.

The style and quality of the product images on your e-commerce website are one of the most important determining factors on whether the item ends up being purchased or not. It goes without saying that poor quality images will deter anyone from buying an item, and possibly even from your entire business.

There is a range of things you can do to improve your product page design, and below are a few useful tips:

1.Create a Comprehensive Product Page

A well-designed product page would include components necessary to the customer including clear product descriptions, high quality product images, reviews or social media links, clear navigation including an ‘add to cart’ button, and shipping or purchase information. Aritzia is an excellent example of a retailer that has all key components on their product page as depicted in the screenshot below:

2.High Quality Images

When a customer lands on your website, they’ll most likely look at the product images first. High quality images will do wonders for your business. They’ll shed light on your products when seen from different angles, set a high level of standards, increase likelihood of purchasing, and build a lasting impression.

3.Writing a Successful Product Description

How to write product descriptions differs based on the type of online retailer you are. If you’re a fashion retailer, including designer notes, size & fit, and materials & care are essential to the buyer who cannot see those details in real life. If you’re a food retailer, including a product description that lists key ingredients, a how-to-use, and nutritional information is essential to selling your product. Hiring a product description writer may prove indispensable as product descriptions go hand-in-hand and compliment product images. Product copywriting can easily be outsourced to a number of professional freelance description writers. Note that viewing a product image without a proper product description will completely take away from your e-commerce business and customer experience.

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4.Use a White Background

You don’t want to overwhelm the customer with too many images, colors, and options. A clear, minimalist approach will most likely instill trust between your business and your customer as they won’t think you’re dressing up your product with a busy background and distracting them from viewing the main object properly.

5.Hire a Professional Photographer

Your images sell, so make sure they’re good ones. If you’re in the business of selling food, hire a food photographer and maybe even a food stylist! Of course if you’re a fashion retailer, you’ll need models, hair and makeup, stylists… etc. It may seem like a very costly step, but it’s a very necessary one. The product images are the essence of your e-commerce business.

6.Create Image Hover Overlay Effects

When you’re browsing through your favorite online retailer, and you hover over a product and the image changes, that’s a hover overlay effect, and it’s highly effective. Not only does it save you time by avoiding an extra click, it’s also interactive and gives you a chance to see the product almost as if you’re browsing in a real store.

7.If You Can, Include Social Media Images

If this is applicable to your business, and it doesn’t seem too forced, adding social media images can highly influence a purchaser’s decision. Seeing the product being worn or used by a model adds aesthetic, however seeing your products worn or used by real life people makes them seem a little more relatable. It also gives people a chance to see them in a more realistic setting.

8.Add a Header Banner

Adding a header banner to your product page could offer an alternative viewing style to the consistency of the product images. It could include rotating images, and offer more information to customers, such as informing them about a sale, or directing them to a lookbook within your site. It sets the tone for the page, and almost acts as an ad for your business within your own website.

Creating a comprehensive and successful e-commerce business may entail a lot, but different aspects of it could be really fun. Creating the perfect aesthetics for your brand and product page is a part of your personality, and coming up with different approaches to portraying that could be really exciting. The right display of a high-quality product page can take your business a long way, it’s the way you present yourself to the world, and one should definitely make an effort to look their best whenever that happens.