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New Type of Reality: Virtual Reality

New Type of Reality: Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality-Technology

What we see in sci-fi movies is now becoming a reality. With virtual reality, our physical environment is transferred to a virtual and artificial world. This new type of reality can be seen in different areas including games, military training, and even when marketing new products. Companies are racing to invest in this new reality to promote their products to a wider audience with lower costs.

Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is to create an artificial world and offer it to the audience via special type of glasses. While it is an artificial environment, all the components of a physical world are included to provide a state-of-the-art experience. Well, what are the application areas of virtual reality?

  1. Gaming Sector World’s largest companies like Sony are investing in this new application. Sony, the leading company in the gaming sector, has launched PlayStation VR to provide engaging and thrilling gaming experiences to gamers. This game console will change the competition in the market. The new VR has motion sensors to sense the gamer’s movements. This way, the most realistic experience is offered.
  2. Marketing New ProductsMarketing practices are also evolving with VR applications. Nowadays, consumers want to see and experience the details of the product they are considering to purchase. Also, consumers want to test these products without leaving the comfort of their home; and this is where virtual-reality marketing steps in. Large companies like Coca-Cola and The North Face have used VR components to market their products. Coca-Cola has designed a package that could be converted into VR glasses.
  3. Film IndustryWhen film industry is considered, VR will be the future. And without any doubt, Disney will be the leader of VR in the film industry. Disney tries to bring the realistic movie experience at the feet of the audience. In this project, Disney has collaborated with Oculus, a leading VR glasses manufacturer.
  4. Education and TrainingAs the world changes, education methods evolve. After the MOOC wave, it seems like VR will be the next trending education medium. With extensive opportunities, it is now possible to bring the classes to your living room.
  5. ArtsWould you like to see the Mona Lisa without visiting Paris? Or are you interested in looking down from the top floor of Burj Khalifa? These are not far away. With virtual reality techniques, wonders of the world and important artworks will be offered to consumers.

    Since VR will be the new reality, stop wasting time and invest in this new technology. Once you experience the world it offers, virtual reality will become part of your life.