How to Get Started as a Freelancer

Overwhelming numbers of freelancers are emerging nowadays, mainly due to the fact that freelancing jobs are becoming more and more popular by the year. Think about it, why feel like you’re limited to the company you’re working for? You’re a human being with passions, ambitions and dreams ready to be unleashed, so why limit yourself to a fixed lifestyle?

Beware of the Common Mistakes of Medical Translators!

Translation is a complex profession in its own right. You’re not only transforming words from a source language to a target language, but you’re also trying to get the author’s ideas and points across in a manner that is understandable, readable and clear to the target audience. Some translation jobs are, however, more demanding than others; and one translation job is particularly difficult; it is medical translation.

Freelancing is Key

“Hmm, how do I knock down the old ‘5 years of experience’ barrier when I’ve only just graduated?” is something you might be wondering to yourself. As soon as you start thinking that you nailed a job interview, you get the dreaded email, you know the one, we’ve all gotten them, “…we’re sorry, we’re looking for someone with more experience”. But if they never hire you, you’ll never get experience, it’s this nightmare-ish Catch 22. So if you still think that it’s all sweet and dandy, that jobs are ripe for the picking when you’re fresh off the campus life, think again.

5 marketing gurus you should follow | 2019

The year is 2018, and marketing strategies are shifting more and more towards the digital world. Yet, the challenge remains the same; to keep up with the latest techniques and trends in Marketing that help businesses grow. The digital marketing scene is full of names that claim to help you grow your network, attract leads of sales and increase brand awareness. However, there’s only few big names out there that hold the secrets and the right recipes for success. These influential people are game changers with their ground-breaking marketing tactics and genius methods that take you from identifying the right profiles to target to creating a magnet that attracts them to your service or product.
The following names are currently the leaders of digital marketing and are by far the most influential people in marketing that you should follow.

Augmented Reality The future of Social Media

The way we see and present our world is changing year on year with phenomenal technologies and inventions. The Wii Movement sensors, The Social Media craze, Snapchat/Instagram Face Filters, 360 degree-photos, Virtual reality etc. Each technology leads to another and brings about more features to previous versions and now thanks to Augmented reality we are able to insert an overlay of virtual and digital information into the real world. (OK, we’re not only talking about that dog filter on Snapchat!) Augmented reality is also used in various other fields such as Retail, Gaming, Tourism and Social Media.

New Type of Reality: Virtual Reality

What we see in sci-fi movies is now becoming a reality. With virtual reality, our physical environment is transferred to a virtual and artificial world. This new type of reality can be seen in different areas including games, military training, and even when marketing new products. Companies are racing to invest in this new reality to promote their products to a wider audience with lower costs.

Most interesting online games in 2017

2017 has ended, and it is time to select the most interesting online games of 2017. Last year, the online gaming sector has been quite productive. Whether they are single-player or multiplayer, we have gathered the most popular and intriguing online games. All you need is a good internet connection and a working computer. Sit back and choose one of these online games we have gathered for you, and enjoy!